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I used to be scared of my own sexuality

My entire feminine sexuality was shunned to the shadows of shame.

I was programmed by porn that the female body was an object of pleasure for a man to cum in.

I was programmed to think that sex ended when a man came & that my own orgasm was insignificant.

I was programmed to fake high pitched orgasms anyway, whatever the weather.

I was programmed to lie & say that all penetrative pain my Yoni was pleasurable.

I was programmed to think a Vulva is ugly & needs surgery unless it looks like a little girls.

I was programmed to be ashamed of my body & believe size 0 was my only chance at being beautiful.

I was programmed to believe that the life giving menstrual blood that came from my own Womb was “disgusting” & “impure”.

I was programmed to tolerate casual sexualisation every day.

And yet, sex was the same sacred thing that made me?

Something didn’t add up.

The best journey of evolution I ever went on in my life?

De-programming every single one of those bullshit statements back into the hands of my own empowerment.

Quite the quest.

It has nothing to do with blaming the pure hearts of men or the makers of commercial porn.

I doubt they had sex positive elders to guide their way either!

It’s about MY choice to reframe & bring into my conscious awareness disempowering beliefs that no longer resonate with me & to do the hard work ~ because nobody else can do it for me.

I’m so grateful I had the audacity to question the norms which trapped me in box.

I followed the tiny breadcrumbs to discover all the soul expanding books, courses, mentors & trainings that my “smaller programmed self” simply couldn’t have dreamed up if it tried.

So here’s a toast to more empowered sexuality, more unashamed & conscious self-pleasure, more sexual consent & more sacred sexual union!

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