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I’m tenacious

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I have the heart of a lioness.

Not much scares me. I go all in.

I let courage lead the way.

I trust the power of my intuition. I let my Womb wisdom & heart guide my decisions.

I am unapologetically empowered.

Yes. A radically confident wombyn.

YES. Empowered in my body. Empowered in my sexuality. Empowered in my souls path.

I love myself through & through.

A rare species these days.

One by one, I have the honor of seeing so many of you transform & empower yourself too.

Hopefully, I am an embodied invitation to your Awakening.

An example of deep authenticity that you simply cannot forget.

I want to show you the luminous soul path available to you.

There is a magical, extraordinary & fulfilling path ahead of you. And it’s beckoning, now more than ever…

You have unique gifts that no one else on this planet owns.

Discover them. Share them. Bless the world with them. Emanate them with all your heart.

You can be a lion(ess) too. I dare you.

Picture by @diegocesaryoga

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