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How you can use the Yoni egg to heal Yoni numbness or sexual trauma

The body keeps the score..

We somatize trauma in the muscle fascia ~ it freezes in contraction for protection & builds up over time as muscle pain or Yoni numbness.

IF never liberated!

The secret?

You can work with the Yoni egg by consciously squeezing & releasing the Vagina muscles against the egg to liberate the fascia!

Or by pulling the string in various directions to apply pressure on specific areas (The same healing happens with the crystal wands).

You begin at the entrance of the Vulva pressing with acupressure & deep *sounding* breath & travel further inwards very slowly clockwise🥰

This action massages the internal walls of the Vagina & almost every time, there can be specific spots with sharp or intense pain.

You can press the crystal on these tender points with deep, cathartic, sounding exhale to release that tension from the Yoni ~ it’s so effective & liberating!

The focus of your loving awareness & deep belly sounding breath is the key to being with that pain until it liberates itself from the cells.

Often there are tears that uncontrollably flow with the exhale & release of pressure, which may have no specific meaning whatsoever.

Sometimes there is a flash of a memory in your mind.

Maybe there is solely numbness, which is also perfect! Over time, beneath the armour of that numbness or pain is blissful, undulating PLEASURE my loves!

I never choose to label it with my mind or with a story, I just trust the process & the power of the release.

Because it’s MIND BLOWING! The after effects are so healing, invaluable, empowering & deeply restorative.

You’ll start to awaken a relationship with your Yoni & enliven pleasure sensitivity that you never even knew was possible!

Words simply cannot describe the power of gifting yourself this experience at least once.

I spent so many years unconsciously holding onto numbness & tension in my pelvis, that simply was not worth harbouring.

I wish someone could’ve handed me a Yoni egg as a teenager & taught me this ancient wisdom, but alas that was not my path, & here I am, sharing its healing magic with you NOW!


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