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How I healed the shame towards my own Moon blood?

Well...I have many magical tools and practices up my sleeve ❤ But one of the most beautiful ones is to paint with my Moon 🩸

Sadly almost 99.9% of Womb-keepers have ingrained disgust or shame towards their own Menstrual blood or Yoni.

Some Womb-keepers have shared with me they previously wouldn’t even look at their own blood and have been repulsed by the sight of it.

...but they also didn’t know WHY and felt sad that this was their reality as someone that was bleeding every single month...😿

This conditioning mostly comes from old patriarchal religious texts that were written to disempower Wombyn and this view is VERY outdated and immoral.

In truth, our female ancestors have worked with and honored Moon blood in revered rituals for 100,00s of years, because it is very sacred medicine.

Our Moon blood is the very elixir that cultivates and nourishes a whole new life into being, and you were born from within it!

It’s energetically highly charged and physically full of a long list of powerful nutrients, amino acids, stem cells and minerals.

So the idea that it is dirty or impure is a complete fallacy and very old conditioning that is luckily shifting perspective as Womb-keepers are reclaiming their Menstrual power and their cycle.

Painting with your blood is a beautiful way to dissolve any ingrained conditioning that you may have around your blood, because you’re becoming intimate with it physically and also creating something beautiful with it (a piece of artwork).

If you’re curious, I suggest having a go once and seeing how it feels, and then if you don’t resonate at least you’ve tried!

You can play some relaxing music, light a candle and some incense and just see what unfolds!

I’m yet to meet a Womb-keeper so far, who DOESN’T feel a deep ancestral healing and liberation from painting with their own Moon blood. ❤

Moon blood painting by me 🖌

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