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Ceremonial grade cacao is the perfect moontime medicine 🩸

Ceremonial Cacao is one of the most nutrient dense beverages on the Earth. It’s a potent source of serotonin, antioxidants & minerals (especially magnesium, iron & zinc). It’s so important to remineralise the body as it sheds all the life giving nutrients through the endometrial (womb) lining during menstruation. Magnesium eases anxiety, cramps & relaxes the whole body.

Aside from the bio-science, it’s a powerful Moontime ritual to consciously breathe into your Womb & body & release what you’re ready to decompose from the previous Menstrual Cycle.

Body-Womb-breath connection is a daily practice for me, but a deepened practice during Moontime.

80% of the the immune system function is directed to the act of Menstruation during Moontime. Meaning? Rest & stillness are nonnegotiable loves.

I create a private Mooncave so that I’m undisturbed & in my own energy (more on how to do this to come), which is an audacious act, but a very important ancient rite of passage for Wombyn to consciously connect inwards during her bleed.

Fuck what other people say, you deserve that time for yourself mama.

Deep in the cave of inner-winter your intuition is the highest & insights can pour in through you like a river stream. Everything is heightened, sharper, intensified & if you really tune in, your meditation visuals can be almost psychedelic (plus Ceremonial Cacao is 0.5% psychoactive).

This is a magical gift that has been abolished & vanquished out of Wombyn for the past 5000 years, through vile, dogmatic religious texts that feared the insightful (oracular) powers of Menstruation.

WE are the revivalists of these ancient practices, sisters.

In ritual I ask myself:

🩸What am I releasing with this bleed?

🩸What new creative seeds am I planting for my coming cycle?

How often do you stop & sit like this when you bleed? Do you see your blood as a potent medicinal & healing elixir?

Reclaim your Wombhood deeper, sister. Appreciate the alchemic process of Menstruation. Tune into your body with breath. Give yourself a FUCK YES to be fully empowered in your body!🩸🔽🌹

Freebleeding blanket by @yoni_pleasure_palace

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