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Ayurvedic Cleanse on Mallorca

After a 5 day juice detox & ayurvedic cleansing journey with my mama, I’m contemplating life very differently.mFor the past few years I’ve made a really conscious effort to have a low toxin lifestyle.

I believe in conscious consumption, whether it’s food, who I spend my time with, the movies I watch or the music I listen to. I choose to consume things that elevate my emotional & physical wellbeing.

I’m a big advocate of intuitive & mindful eating! My body is a sacred temple. I treat it with love & respect. I practice self-love daily because it’s a NON-NEGOTIABLE. I prioritize buying organic local food & mostly cook for myself, use little plastic, wear handmade clothes with natural dyes, wear 100% natural makeup, natural products on my body & in my house, I don’t drink alcohol & so on..

However, the environment (which humans have sadly created) is still very toxic! Not to mention, my past was not so clean (I was a whole pizza with half a jar of mayo & 3 🍺s kinda gal). Toxins & heavy metals live in the body for a lifetime & cause our whole system to perform suboptimally, at a pretty high cost.

I can eat an abundance of healthy food, but, if my gut lining is blocked with a build up of years of unprocessed toxic waste, then I’m not even receiving the nutrients of that £22 superfood salad! It turns out we all pretty much have this build up of gut plaque.

I did daily colonics, which were extraordinarily eye opening. I’ve seen things come out of my body that I did not even know was possible! I guess sometimes you just have to see to believe.

Our retreat guru was one of the most knowledgable herbalists I have ever met. Each day, we had 2 green juices (no fruit) & veggie broth in the evening. We worked with amazing herbs to cleanse the gut & alkalise the body. The idea is to kick out all sugars & toxins from the cells. I don’t have coffee or refined sugar, but I eat honey fruit most days, so definitely had withdrawals!

It’s been a small emotional rollercoaster..but coming out of it I’m feeling radiant & vibrant. I can’t recommend it enough, I hope it inspires you to consume more consciously or go on your own detox!


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