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Are you totally longing for feminine f r e e d o m ?

Are you longing for nourishing support, for intimate connection, for a soul sisterhood, for listenership, for deeply receiving, for infusing yourself and your life with vibrant feminine energy?

Imagine meeting with a group of incredible Wombyn every Wednesday for 8 weeks, sharing stories, laughing, crying and healing through the ancient feminine arts together 🥰

Picture the powerful liberation and the freedom of our group when you each remember how to be connected once again with your feminine cyclical body..

This powerful journey Menstrual Cycle Empowerment gifts you a life time of self-knowledge no-one can ever, ever take away from you..

No more helpless questioning, no more frustrating questioning, no more frustrating health care visits, no more feeling left in the dark about how your Yoni’s pleasure or your beautiful cyclical body even works.

This course is a Sacred Feminine doorway, I am the door, and I will gift you the ancient keys... 🗝Are you finally ready to evolve into your highest, truest feminine power and step through?

There are just 4 days until we begin this journey into re-empowering the full spectrum of your wildest, feminine freedom ❤️

There is an openness to do a payment plan, please contact me and we can co-create something which feels most supportive to you right now 💖💖💖

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