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Are you feeling disconnected to your Yoni & have NO idea how to start the healing process?

Sister, I feel you, I’ve been there too...

This is why I passionately wholesale @yoni_pleasure_palace @rosie.rees GIA certified Yoni Eggs & crystal pleasure wands within Europe!

🥚Some incredible benefits of using a Yoni Egg:

☾ It heals & massages the numbness or tensions of sexual trauma or physical trauma

☾ It re-senstizes the erogenous zones of your Vagina, such as the G-zone & the Cervix... into their multi-orgasmic potential!

☾ The practice builds a reconnection with your Yoni through loving touch, connection & nurture

☾ It brings fresh Qi & blood flow to your sacral area & pelvis (this prevents period cramps too)

☾ It acts as a resistance kegel so it tones & strengthens the vagina walls & pelvic floor muscles

☾ Your whole foundation feel stronger, orgasms are more powerful & you can hold your wees longer!

☾ It prevents bladder or uterine prolapse

☾ This is a practice 5000 years old from Ancient China, used to create strong, orgasmic, healthy, vibrant, lubricated & toned Yoni’s!

☾ It creates a beautiful feeling of wholeness in your Yoni & a nourishing feeling of a fillling up of your own cup!

☾ It unblocks your creativity flow in ways you cannot even imagine!

Soo...Your Yoni egg will gradually start to tone & strengthen your pelvic floor, whilst also create more lubrication, arousal & sensation.

Your practice can be 30 mins a day, 3 times a week, or you can even have a passive practice & sleep with it in!

Mostly importantly these crystal eggs have been GIA certified through Yoni Pleasure Palace.

It is very important to have this certificate to confirm the source & the quality of the crystal.

Often toxic chemicals are used to polish cheap Yoni Eggs which is harmful to the body, especially putting something inside your beautiful Yoni!

I currently have Rose Quartz & Nephrite Jade medium size drilled Yoni Eggs & Rose Curve crystal wands, designed by the Yoni Queen herself @rosie.rees

This practice changed my life loves (I was totally numb in my Yoni & now I have full body orgasms!) & that is why I am sharing this magic with you ❤

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