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The cervix is the portal of spiritual awakening, birth, death, nervous system regulation, pleasure, ecstasy. divine union & beyond...


The cervix is the royal throne of feminine power & pleasure.


Did you know that cervical orgasms likely release DMT in the brain? 


There is so much I have to share with you about the cervix...


I have been studying the spiritual, mystical & neurobiological power of the cervix for a few years now. Every year my research and knowledge deepens.


Finally, I put everything that I know into an epic slideshow / embodiment workshop, for you to receive!


This information will totally shift your perspective of feminine power and cervix power. I receive feedback again and again from my clients, that this body of work on the cervix, is absolutely life changing.


What's included:


  • 2.5 hour Cervix Healing & Awakening Workshop about the scientific, mystical, orgasmic and neurobiological power of the cervix.


  • A guided Cervix Healing Alchemy Embodiment Ritual, where you will embody and practice the wisdom that you learnt in the 2.5 hour workshop.


  • A 24 minute  Cervix Awareness Meditation ~ to infuse into your daily/ weekly personal practice and to continue your conscious connection with your magical cervix!


Enjoy x

(NEW) Cervix Awakening Bundle

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