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Next cohort launching soon...

This mystery school is undergoing an epic renovation. Join my mailing list to discover when we re-launch!

My signature 7 month online journey, to empower your deepest connection with your body, menstrual cycle, sexuality & womb wisdom.

It's time to unearth the sacred wisdom of your womb.
It's time to embrace your body's pleasure as a gift from the divine.
It's time to walk as a beacon of feminine empowerment.

It's time to lead deeply from your heart, as an ambassador of love.
It's time to reignite your unique purpose & soul's mission(s).

We are being called to return to our ancient feminine roots...


IMG_2894 2.jpg


▽ Utilising the 4 phases of the Menstrual cycle in your daily life

▽ Herbal medicines to support your cycle

▽ Shamanic Womb wisdom & ancestral healing

▽ Conscious menstruation & the ancient blood mysteries

▽ How to use the sacred feminine archetypes The Maiden, Lover, Mother, Witch, Wild Woman, Wise Woman etc.) to understand, heal & accept deeper aspects of yourself

▽ Womb healing, voice activation & feminine embodiment practices

▽ Fertility Awareness Method: tracking your cycle & natural birth control

▽ Re-empower & awaken your sensual, sexual & creative energy

▽ Cultivate a Womb-centred / cyclical business that harnesses your Menstrual phases for content creation

▽ How to walk the path of Venus...

▽  How to grow your souls business in feminine empowerment, make money from anywhere in the world, work online or facilitate transformational in person experiences (specifically for the VIP tier option)



"I will not rescue you,

For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you,

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you,

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness,

As you remember your light."

Sheree Bliss Tilsley



~ Munay-Ki 13th Rite of the Womb Passage

~ Maternal lineage & ancestral healing

~ Womb clearing & Womb blessing

~ Introduction to the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle

~ Empowering your authentic Feminine essence

~ Pelvic & Yoni Pleasure Anatomy Lecture

~ Learning the archetypal wisdom & planetary attributes of Venus



~ Sacred Feminine Ceremony With Ecuadorian Medicine Woman Tatiana


The Goddess who seeks counsel with her inner-guidance and embodies the cycle of death.

~ The oracular power of menstruation episode
~ Healing menstrual pain
~ The ancient blood mysteries
~ Healing menarche (your first bleed)
~ A guided Menstruation meditation

~ Exploring The Wise Woman, The Hermit & The Crone archetypes


~ Pre-recorded Menstruation Yoga class with Amelia Zadro



The Goddess of rebirth, growth and personal power.

~ The power of your Follicular phase episode

~ Power animal meditation
~ Manifestation with your cycle masterclass
~ Exploring The Warrioress & The Maiden archetypes



~ Aligning To Your Astrological Venus Placement With Charlotte Vetter

~ Pre-recorded follicular yoga class with Amelia Zadro

Clara, 2021.


The Goddess of radical expression, sensual pleasure & sexual wholeness

~ The power of your ovulation episode

~ Ovary health masterclass

~ Breast massage guided practice
~ Ovulation sex magic

~ Exploring The Mother, The Lover & The Creatrix archetypes


~ Pre-recorded ovulation yoga class with Amelia Zadro

~ Natural fertility & fertility awareness method with Audrey Jeanne



The Goddess of healing, emotional alchemy & stern boundaries

~ The power of your luteal phase episode

~ Luteal irritability & emotional alchemy practices

~ PMS & PMDD healing

~ Womb massage guided practice

~ Our ancestral Witch herstory

~ Exploring The Witch & The Wild Woman archetypes


~ Pre-recorded Luteal yoga class with Amelia Zadro

~ Group Yoni steam ceremony with Raya


~ Re-defining feminine pleasure episode
~ A Yoni egg ceremony

~ Tao tantric sexual energy practices

~ Full body orgasm practices

~ How to walk the path of Venus

~ Pre-recorded yoni de-armouring practice

~ Sexual trauma healing meditation



~ Womb-centred business

~ Cyclical living practices

~ Cyclical business framework & strategies
~ Herbs & medicines for your cycle masterclass

~ Cultivating a soul business in feminine leadership masterclass

~ Group integration

~ Closing Ceremony!


~ Laura Hart Swann on Celtic Womb Mysteries & The Path Of Mary Magadalene


♀ A themed workbook

♀ A themed spotify playlist

♀ A 1+hr themed podcast episode

♀ A themed shamanic womb meditation

  An one to one 90 minute zoom session with Melissa

Special extras for all tiers:

♀ In the 4 menstrual cycle modules you receive a follicular, ovulation, luteal and moon time pre-recorded yoga class

♀ 4 epic ebooks on the ancient blood mysteries, on practices for the different phases of your cycle, on cyclical business & one summarizing the entire sacred menstrual cycle

"Melissa. I felt like sharing my epic news with you today: after 5.5 years of having HPV and lots of painful experiences, I just got the results that I am HPV free!

I avoided getting tested the last months, but found the courage through you and your course. Your magic womb work has brought so much light to my cervix. Thank you for all that you do sister!"


ANONYMOUS, Menstrual Cycle Empowerment Graduate 2021


This MENTORSHIP is for you if...

~ You are ready to step up into your unique feminine power, leadership and soul purpose(s).

~ You are ready to walk empowered in the wisdom of your own Menstrual Cycle.

~ You are yearning to learn how to create a Womb-centered business attuned to the phases of your Menstrual Cycle.

~ You desire to know exactly how to eat, exercise and show up in the world depending on each unique day of your cycle.

~ You are ready to work in ancient ritual with your Menstrual blood and Moon time like Women have been doing for 100,000s of years.

~ You are called to guide and lead other Women in the path of feminine awakening.

~ You are called to heal your relationship with you Womb and awaken your intuitive Womb wisdom.

~ You are ready to heal archaic beliefs about Menstrual blood and re-frame it as a powerful life giving MEDICINE.

~ You are ready to transform PMDD, PMS, Ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis or Menstrual bleed pain with ease, healing and self-knowledge.

~ You are ready to become your ancestral chain breaker and empower your maternal lineage

~ You are ready to step up into expressing your fears, desires, boundaries and authentic truth with radical confidence.

~ You are so ready to discover and activate your Yoni anatomy, pleasure and internal orgasms.

~ You are ready to be the first sexually liberated Woman for many centuries of your maternal lineage!!



"Before starting this journey, I felt completely disconnected from my feminine energy and my cycle, seeing it as a nuisance, something to ignore, to hide. This course was a journey back into the beauty and truth that lies deep within.


It was the initiation into womanhood that I didn’t realize I was missing. It made me so incredibly fucking grateful to be a woman for the first time in my life.


And, most incredibly of all, this course has the power to actually make you look forward to your period and cherish this time with the love and devotion it deserves. That wasn’t just the case for me, but for all of the sisters on this journey.

Melissa holds such a beautiful and safe space for you to show up exactly as you are, even with the parts of yourself you usually shy away from in shame. She is so giving of her time and knowledge, sharing so many practices and taking the time to really answer any questions, even outside class. I have never met a teacher that has been so open and giving in my life, and I have met many. I can not recommend this journey enough, whether you are a woman ready to step into her power or whether you don’t even know what being a woman means to you.


You won’t regret it."

Mati Theresa ~ Menstrual Cycle Empowerment Graduate, Fall 2020.

I call in all Queens who are fully committed and ready to devote their time, energy and loving presence to the transformational processes of this journey!

I call in healers, entrepreneurs, leaders, visionary's and All Wombyn 111% devoted to their personal evolution and to this powerful path of re-awakening the sacred feminine.


It’s time to make the shift from feminine body disconnection into feminine body empowerment.


A Venusian Queen walks aligned, confident and elevated in her cycle. She celebrates her menstrual cycle, her pleasure and her sacred moon bleed with reverence and joy.

She, is her own sacred Beloved. She, is the only one she has been waiting for...


What is the Path Of Venus?

The Path of Venus is the most primordial path of feminine wisdom.


Venus is my greatest teacher in this life. Venus is the Queen and Mother of all feminine lineages. She has many different sub-brances: the path of Isis, the path of Mary Magdalena, the path of the Rose...

She is the archetype of empowered sexuality, love, intimacy, open-heartedness, sensual pleasure, womb wisdom, natural beauty and the medicine of the rose.  

Venus is also the path of making love to life.

Through your words, the way you touch, the way you eat, the way you inhale the beauty of nature, the way you live every moment in pure wonderment and pleasure.


You deserve pleasure. You deserve A LOT of pleasure.


I'm not just talking about sexual pleasure. The pleasure spectrum is so deliciously broad. How you experience your pleasure is individual to YOU ~ it’s a mind, body, soul feeling ~ and no two humans experience pleasure in the same way. 


We have been conditioned so deeply (via religious texts, porn and the media) to think that pleasure is a "one framework that fits all". This couldn’t be more incorrect!

DSC_1690 16.47.45.jpg

In 2021, my astrologer sister (@charlottevetter__ ), after reading my chart, shared a message with me. That I was here to be an embodied example of Venusian energy for others. To help people remember again, after generations of dis-embodiment and functioning in a survival mode. 


I am a Taurus sun, Mercury in Taurus and my Venus is in Taurus.


Tauruses, in their high essence are absolute beacons of sensual pleasure because Taurus is ruled by Venus. They love delicious food, touch, sensual scents, natural beauty and all the finer things in life.

I also studied Venusian iconography throughout art history, in my fine art and photography degree at UAL (University of the Arts London). I've always been obsessed with Venus, even before I began my deeper spiritual path!


Discovering the path of Venus has changed and enriched my life...


So, if you feel like I’m vibrating something divine that inspires you, or that you wish to receive the golden gems of my own feminine empowerment, this is it!


♀ How Are The Rose & Venus Connected? ♀

Every 8 years dances with the Earth 5 times, forming a geometric pattern that looks like a Rose. It's called the Rose of Venus or the pentagram of Venus. The Rose is one of the most ancient medicines and symbols of the feminine.

Together in this mentorship, we will unveil the sacred medicine of the Rose & the many other ancient feminine herbal allies that our ancestors passed on to us.

"Which phase of your cycle have you shifted your relationship to most during this course?"


"Menstruation! I have always dreaded bleeding time, been embarrassed by it, even disgusted. I viewed it as a punishment and talked so negatively about bleeding. Now I see other women express these same thoughts and it makes me cry for them because I understand AND because of this course I know better now."


"Menstrual!!! Omg I was so hate-filled with this phase and now I see so much POWER, and MAGICK in it!!  I have so much respect and love for my womb and my blood. I can’t wait to free bleed on the Earth."


" Luteal phase. I used to become triggered and emotionally overwhelmed from the pain and PMS symptoms. I still experience it, however I have more coping skills now to manage through it."


"Menstrual, because I used to see it as a curse and now I look forward to it after better understanding the science and spiritual meaning behind bleeding."


"My Luteal phase. Instead of just thinking I'm moody because of PMS, understanding that I'm making space for my inner-winter (Menstruation) and I need to take it easy and set my boundaries."


"Follicular, I never really thought of this period of time between Menstruation and my next ovulation as it’s own phase. It’s been fun observing the phase and seeing my energy levels go up."





Tatiana Davila

Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony (With A Collective Ritual Offering to Pacha Mamita)

I am so excited to share that Tatiana Dávila, a dear friend and incredible Ecuadorian Shaman will be hosting a Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony in our first month!

Tatiana Dávila began with a psychotherapist background, and for the past 26 years she has learnt from many wisdom keepers of several indigenous traditions. With them, she has participated in many ancestral ceremonies with different medicines. Tatiana creates beautiful ceremonial circles to share this ancient ancestral knowledge. Medicinal plants and flower remedies are an integral component in her healing practice. Additionally, Tatiana is an artist, making art and ceramics inspired by nature, the Pacha Mamita and the Sacred Feminine.


Audrey Jeanne

Fertility Awareness Method: Tracking Your Cycle As A Foundational Tool For Womb Sovereignty

Audrey is a wayshower, a bridge-builder, heralding you home to the indigenous wisdom that lives within your very womb. As a healer and hedgewitch, she holds the threads of both ancestral wisdom and the new age, weaving ancient hands on womb healing techniques with quantum energy lightwork. 


She believes that the path to Womb Sovereignty begins with reclaiming the wisdom of menstruation and the practice of cycling naturally. Hence, teaching the Fertility Awareness Method remains a foundational element and essential cornerstone to the journey of Womb Awakening that Audrey offers.


Amelia Zadro

Recorded Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal Phase Yoga Classes

Amelia will be sharing her magic as a Yoga teacher and creating 4 unique classes for each of the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle. These will be pre-recorded and available to you forever!

Amelia is an embodiment coach and sustainable fashion model. She teaches people how to reconnect to the innate wisdom of their bodies to access natural healing. She supports people to access this for themselves through mind-body meditation practices, and 1-1 embodiment coaching online.



Yoni Steaming Ceremony


Herbal Yoni Steam ceremonies are an opportunity to experience the ancient ritual of vaginal/pelvic steaming in an intentional, embodied way as a collective of sisters.

Raya is a Womb Wellness & Empowerment Guide, supporting womxn to create and sustain loving and honouring relationships with themselves and their heart-womb spaces.

Her 1:1 treatments and group transformational healing journeys blend Kundalini Dance, Womb & Fertility Massage, Yoni Steaming, Womb Yoga & Reiki through a variety of offerings, workshops
and retreats.


Charlotte Vetter

Aligning To Your Astrological Venus Placement


Charlotte is an evolutionary astrologer and Kundalini yoga teacher & empowerment guide. She is committed to supporting your evolution and your cosmic co-creation through her astrological wisdom and yogic practices.

This workshop will be a deep dive into each of the astrological placements of Venus. We'll explore how your Venus sign impacts your romantic relationships, your friendships, your sexuality and your unique sensual blueprint.


We'll also delve into how your Venus placement influences your purpose and how you're going to make money with ease in this life!

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 18.35.06.png

Laura Hart Swann

The Celtic Mysteries & The Path of Mary Magdelene

Laura is walking a devoted path as a Midwife, Priestess and Wild Medicine Woman. She is passionate about reweaving the red threads of our hearts and wombs. She is a torch bearer for women ready to face the realms of ancestral shadow work through embodied energetic practices, rites of passage and ancient initiations.

In this workshop we will dive into the ancient Celtic and Pagan connection to the womb tomb, the sacred mysteries of Avalon, the Chalice as the Womb & the path of Mary Magdalene.

How is This work Changing Peoples Lives?


"It's called an initiation for a reason. This was EVERYTHING all women should be taught growing up. This is wisdom I will hold in my heart and womb forever and spread to my future daughters.

I've never felt this much appreciation for my body, my womb, my pleasure & my blood! I LOVE everything about being a woman, and get SO EXCITED for my bleed to arrive now!

I've gone from having painful cramps, long bleeds and short cycles to deeply understanding each sensation of my body and knowing exactly how to serve her.”

~ Charlotte Little, Menstrual Cycle Empowerment GRaduate, SPRING 2021.


I’m 32 and this is the first time I truly understand what it means in my own body to be a WOMBYN. Thank you for the 8 week empowerment training... be ready to have your yoniverse transformed. Melissa is one of the most amazing teachers I have met, her openness to sharing her knowledge and magic is so rare to come across. Do yourselves + the world a favor and SIGN UP!"

~ Diana Wassef, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, SPRING 2021.


"This course is one of the best things I have did for myself, and the best investment. The knowledge and wisdom from this journey is still alive and is still evolving, blooming. It changed me, and it helped me to feel whole, accepted, loved from the center. You are breaking the walls, spells, patterns. You burn the shit out and stand strongly as a Woman supported by other Women and beautiful Melissa as your guide. It's juicy, and I recommend it to every Woman!"

KAMILA MAria ~ Menstrual Cycle Empowerment GRADUATE, Fall 2020.


Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone that identifies as Womxn. My experience throughout and after have changed the way I relate to my femininity. I no longer feel at mercy of my endometriosis. I have a greater sense of understanding, connection and empowerment within myself that I can express more freely and proudly. Melissa creates a beautiful and safe virtual space to explore your body and womb space, as well as connecting to other Womxn who are going through similar experiences."

~ Samantha, Menstrual Cycle Empowerment graduate, Fall 2020.


"MCE changed my life. It left me with a new sense of richness & wholeness within myself. Not only did my cycle health drastically improve within the first month, I also got major other gifts from this experience.


I feel connected to my soul mission and inspired to bring this out into the world. Melissa is a big source of fundamental wisdom for any woman wanting to live a life with meaning, connection and body love. I have learned many gifts and practices that I'll take with me for life. I cannot recommend this enough.

~ Zahra Leila, Menstrual Cycle Empowerment graduate, fall 2021.


“I highly recommend this online course by Melissa! It is amazing, it helped me so much in understanding my body, my cycle and my feelings.

My Menstruation is completely pain free now, which is a miracle to me. I even enjoy me sacred Moon time! I understand much better how to manage my energy during every phase of my cycle!


Melissa takes you deep into the mysticism of your femininity, your infinite power, the wisdom of your Womb, learning how to deeply honour and respect yourself and listen to your intuition."

~ Anouk, Menstrual Cycle Empowerment graduate, Fall 2020.



This new 7 mentorship is the upgrade and expansion of my previous 8 week online journey "Menstrual Cycle Empowerment". After running 3 successful rounds of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, I realized that I desired to evolve this offering into a longer term 1-1 mentorship container.


Why? A) I outgrew MCE, I felt the energy of this offering craving to EXPAND!

B) This is DEEP work... of complete body, menstrual and sexual awakening. 8 weeks simply didn't allow the space for the integration, intimacy and depth of what I desire to offer. It takes years to fully embody this work, and I aim to offer sustainable growth and integrative healing in this 7 month mentorship. This information is truly life changing.

My testimonials for this body of work are quite remarkable and it has supported people to heal HPV, irregular cycles, intense period pain, PMS, infertility and Yoni disconnection.

High value, high vibe, high quality, high input, high output!


“A woman’s wisdom is in her body, in the rhythm of her breath and cycle of her blood. In the wild beating of her heart’s desires. In the nectar of her deepest pleasure.” 


~  Lisa Citore.



 You will walk away as a newly graduated in the powerful wisdom of your Menstrual cycle and it’s 4 distinctive hormone phases.

You will walk away with a new profound perspective on Menstruation, re-framing it from a nuisance, to something that you genuinely look forward to and deeply treasure.

▽ You will have awakened your Yoni's pleasure zones and be walking the path of activating your internal Yonigasms.

 You will have a rooted awareness of what is present physiologically, biologically, energetically, emotionally and physically in your Yoni, Womb, Pelvic floor and Menstrual Cycle.

You will have an abundance of holistic tools and practices to support and celebrate your feminine body in thriving in its most optimal health.

 You will finally understand how to be in tune with the creative flow of your Menstrual cycle, instead of feeling constant burnout.

 You will walk away knowing and loving yourself much, much more deeply.

 You will know how to embark on the path of fully healing any of the current reproductive issues or hormonal imbalances you may be experiencing (FINALLY!).


This powerful journey gifts you a life time of feminine self-knowledge that no-one can ever, ever take away from you...

This mentorship is an ancient feminine doorway, I am the door, and I will gift you the primordial keys...


"I have to thank you so much for everything you’re doing and teaching. This connection I am feeling and love towards my Goddess and womb is something... incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I got to do the Menarche (first bleed) guided meditation today and that experience was so indescribable. My womb feels open in the best way. The meditation brought me to tears. Connecting with my wise woman and my lineage and intuitively going where you’re taking me before you even describe the setting is just... so powerful.

So WOW."

Destany, Menstrual Cycle Empowerment GRADUATE, Fall 2020.

Bec, 2021.

Clara, 2021.


How many hours should I expect to invest each month?

It’s actu
ally very spacious!
We meet once a month you have a 1.5-2 hour deep dive 1-1 session with me, plus all the content of the online school portal, so about 8 or 9 hours a month in total ❤ 

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! There is a pay in full option AND a 6 mo
nth payment plan available.

Do I have to be a business owner to take this course?

Not really no! This online school is for lea
ders, visionary’s, entrepreneurs &/or business owners. In the final  *module 7* we will delve into your souls business & how to begin making money in a feminine leadership role! No matter where you are at leadership or business wise ~ you will benefit hugely from this evolutionary journey.

Do I have to have a regular menstrual cycle to take this course?

No, not at all. I teach you how to work with the moon phases aswell.  Whoever is drawn to and resonates with the message / teachings, is welcome to apply! Non binary womb-keepers, women, non-bleeding women & women with hysterectomies are all welcome!

The wisdom we are learning in this journey will most likely support a much more regular period anyway!!

What if I’ve had a hysterectomy or a pelvic surgical procedure?

Even after your hysterectomy, you still have your energetic womb portal! I know for SURE this online school will be incredibly supportive in re-connecting with your womb space & womb power regardless.

Can I still take this course if I am on birth control or post partum?

Yes! You are most welcome!

Does access to the content expire?

No, you have access for life! You receive over 20 guided mediations & womb healing meditations, that I know you’ll want to be revisiting REGULARLY. Previous participants have shared that they use the meditations as part of their daily cyclical practice!

What do we do in the 1-1 sessions?

We go DEEP into whatever themes and personal challenges you are experience in the group module. These sessions are in service to YOU and your unique process, evolution and transformation. It will be a mixture of embodiment, archetype work, Tao Tantric practice, emotional/energetic clearing, ancient rituals and spiritual practices.

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