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A 5 month mastermind for the women who having a craving to merge practical business, sacred feminine wisdom & the erotic arts.


I had a deep personal yearning, which became a vision, which I am now manifesting into THE EMPRESS...

Building a business that actually resources & nourishes you. Feeling abundant, with more than enough. Feeling joyful & fulfilled in the success of your business. Alll whilst connecting to your body & erotic aliveness.

I’m inviting in 6 women who are ready to jump into a high-level intimate container with me, to expand their business to the next level.


They say that you are an average of the 5 people you spend your most time with. So…


Are you craving a sacred space & a sounding board for your business?

To be surrounded by 6 other highly ambitious women?

Are you craving a much more intimate space with Melissa and other people at your level?

Are you ready to receive workshops from 7 figure conscious business leaders, about how they actually run their business’?

Introducing my 6 month mistressmind - The Empress

~ infusing sacred feminine wisdom, the tantric arts, embodiment AND practical business training.


Often I see two things happening - Programs teaching “energetic biz strategy” with feminine embodiment practices.


Then I see dry & often non-spiritual business schools teaching the old ways of business & marketing.


I want to create a mastermind that unifies the TWO. Deep feminine embodiment AND practical business.


So you know about the energetics of wealth AS WELL AS, how to practically build it in the 3D.


So you know how to build a beautiful, artistic instagram brand AS WELL AS actually move as the CEO of your company.


So you know how to use your confidently sell your work on instagram AS WELL AS manage your finances and pay your taxes.


So you know how to self-pleasure & sex magic your way to success AS WELL AS build the practical systems & structures inside of your business model.


There is a gap in the market here, and I want to fill it. 


I am also going to bring in high-level conscious entrepreneurs that will teach you things like…


  • Wisdom on how to expand & run a team

  • God & wealth - the importance of faith in your business 

  • What does “scaling” actually look like on a practical level

  • The skills of sales & marketing

  • Systems & structures in your biz that generate true wealth


6 women maximum

5-6 figure business’


This is for the women who is raising her hand for a big life, to the life of an empress.


So together, we are going to expand & evolve into the highest expression of The Empress



An infusions of Tantra, sexuality awakening, practical & spiritual business & sacred feminine wisdom.


Pay in full bonus: 3 coaching sessions with me - 1 at the beginning, one at the middle, & one at the end! Worth £2500 gbp


3 recent testimonials


Guest Expert Coaching Sessions (Value: $10,000+) Learn from leading Queens in their field, who dance between soul and strategy, embodiment and expansion, systems and scaling, mysticism and management, purpose and pleasure, and have grown (and continue to elevate) their 6/7-figure empires today. Each month we will welcome a new guest expert, not to mention our library of 10+ others available inside the Members' Dashboard.

Hi, I am Melissa - it’s my mission in life too…

Each month 

1 live transmission from Melissa

1 Tantric Pleasure Ritual

1 guest expert call

Month 1

Venusian Planetary & Archetypal wisdom - your Venusian archetype - in life and biz


Month 2 - Ancestral financial Healing and alchemy deeper — THEN your wealth blueprint - God - stillness - dreaming big - Venusian wealth

Victoria as a guest


Month 3 - The practical sides of business - ceo - running a company - tax -marketing sales strategy systems structures - from a Venusian perspective too - positive pyschology - your voice as the biggest tool


Month 4


Erotic aliveness and sexual awakening


Month 5 


Practical sides of business part 2

Sales and marketing


Integration and expansion

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