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Hello, I am Melissa! I am a global leader and teacher of the sacred feminine arts. 

My mission is to support feminine liberation. I guide women worldwide on a journey of ancestral womb healing, sexual empowerment and feminine embodiment.

I am very passionate about bringing holistic pelvic care and pelvic health education to more women.

Why is this work important to me? Well, let me share with you a little about my story...

My life took a monumental turn, after I had a big car accident that nearly took my life. My pelvic bowl and spine were also damaged from this accident.

In that exact same week, I also had a unhealthy one night stand, that led me to question my life and who I was being.

This was such a pivotal moment of my life.

I was so tired of the matrix and of the toxic lifestyle I was living at the time. I was hungry for deeper truth & love, for spiritual sexuality and feminine awakening.

Also, at that time, my period was missing for 3 years. Now I know that this was because of unprocessed sexual trauma, unhealthy lifestyle and also a rejection of my feminine body...

By the grace of God, I was already flying to Ecuador 2 weeks after my big car accident, to my first teacher training, and I begun my "self-discovery" journey thereafter.

In Ecuador, I embarked on my first Classical Tantra Yoga teacher training. Then, I experienced my first plant medicine ceremony. And, my first womb healing ceremony.

This was the anchoring of my Dharmic path.

Since then, I have devoted 6+ years to learning, studying and refining my crafts.

I guide my clients to walk the path of their highest soul expression in their feminine business, sexual empowerment and womb awakening.

My work focuses on deeeep feminine embodiment ~ a descension down into the somatic body and the pelvic bowl.

I have now led 11 women's retreats all over the world and created a mulitude of online programs to support feminine awakening.

I also train women ~ to become womb healers, pelvic care practioners and yoni massage therapists in my signature in-person training: "The Womb Healer Facilitator Training".

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Thank you for being here :)

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