Product of Yoni Pleasure Palace.


Made of 100% biodegradable corn floss mildly coated in a vegan candelilla wax. Comes in a recyclable glass bottle and cardboard box.


"How to use:

Pull out 30-40cm of string, thread through the drilled hole and tie in a knot. Keep the string hanging out of the vagina and to remove your yoni egg, simply pull on the string (like a tampon). Replace the string every time you use your yoni egg. If the string breaks, squat down in the shower, gently bare down and insert a finger to guide the egg out. It will not get stuck and it will also comes out (usually when you go to the toilet). 


Remember: your egg cannot get “lost” inside you! The vagina is a one-way street with the cervix being permanently closed (unless of course you’re giving birth), so the egg will never go beyond the cervix, which is at the end of your vaginal canal. It’s worth inserting your finger to see if you can feel your cervix and notice if you have a longer or shorter vagina. Either way it’s best to start with a drilled yoni egg with string.


We suggest using our ultra strong, hygienic, un-waxed & un-minted string instead of your regular mint-flavoured waxed floss as this may cause an imbalance in your vaginal pH levels (and no one wants a minty vagina - ouch!!). It may be tricky to find this plain floss in the shops, so we recommend buying it with your egg so you can get started straight away with your yoni egg practice!

When you buy our string you receive 50 meters worth which will be plenty to keep you going. Remember to change the string every time you use the egg and tie a double knot at the end.

If the string breaks, don’t panic, your egg will always come out. Simply squat down in the shower, insert a finger, gently bare down (like you’re doing a poo) and scoop the egg out slowly. If this doesn’t work, it may pop out when you go to the toilet next. If you have a very long vaginal canal, you may need to get your partner to assist or insert a long plastic spoon to help (this is absolute worst case scenario!).


There are two ways you can string your egg:

  • Simply tie one end of the floss through the hole and tie a knot (or two) at the end of the ends of string. If you're ultra paranoid about the string breaking, you can even string through two amounts of floss. We recommend about 30-40cm.

  • Pull out 30-40cm of string, half it and twist the end that’s been halved. The poke through the end that is halved and loop the other end through the hole and tie a knot."



Yoni Egg Eco String

  • I do not accept returns after 10 days of date of purchase.

    If the product is faulty or damaged, the customer must email me within 3 days of receiving the product and send me a photograph identifying the imperfection.