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Introducing: The Yoni Egg Initiation!


This online course consists of 5 guided rituals for healing your yoni, initiating your deepest pleasure & awakening your full body orgasm!


One of the most common statements I hear is: 


“I have a Yoni egg, but I don’t actually know how to use it!”


Followed by: “Do you have a yoni egg course where I can learn?”


So, I decided it was time to create an epic Yoni egg initiation for you!


The CONTEXT: In this online immersion, you will learn the Taoist philosophy & the roots of the Jade egg practice.


The EMBODIMENT: I will also lead 5 live practices that will support you to transform your yoni from numbness into more sensitivity & pleasure.


  • ALCHEMISE: First we focus on clearing any pain, numbness or trauma somatised inside of the Yoni. 


  • REBIRTH & EXPAND: And then we will begin to expand your nervous system capacity to hold more pleasure inside of your body!


  • AWAKEN: Finally, I will take you through 2 practices to awaken your energetic body & to learn how to have full body orgasms!


The 5 recorded initiations:


  • Introduction to the history of the Taoist Jade Egg practice, followed by a Yoni egg ritual to strengthen your pelvic floor.


  • An Obisdian egg sacred rage ritual (a must have in every woman's toolbox)


  • Expanding your pleasure capacity yoni egg practice


  • Awakening your kundalini energy body ritual (no yoni egg needed)


  • The full body orgasm yoni egg ritual! (a.k.a sex magic)


NOTE: It's important to watch these calls in order from 1-5. The calls are carefully curated to build upon each other, to first clear the pathways & to then sustainability expand your capacity.



Sister, this course is definitely for you if:


  • You are experiencing numbness or pain inside of your vagina, and...
  • You are ready to resensitize your vagina & to experience internal orgasms!!
  • You have been desiring to learn all about the yoni egg & start your own practice
  • You want to learn how to have regenerative, full body orgasms that expand your consciousness!
  • You want to feel more sensual, sexual & creative energy flowinggg through your body 
  • You're ready to celebrate your sacred sexuality with a group of likeminded women!


These are truly some of my TOP 5 practices that I personally used to heal my sexual trauma, to resentize my Yoni, & to learn how to experience full body internal orgasm.


Each of these workshops is valued at £250 EACH.


🍯 You will receive a BONUS pre-recorded workshop on Yoni & Pleasure Anatomy (valued at £50)


The total value of this initiation is £1300 GBP!


...and you can have access to all of this wisdom, for just a fraction of that price 💫


What you will need:


One Obisdian egg (for inner-alchemy)

One other crystal egg of your choice for self-love & manifestation practices (I like to use rose quartz for example, but choose one you feel a  resonance with)

Organic coconut oil for self body massage & for inside of your yoni too.


(Read below in the FAQ's for my yoni egg website reccomendations. Please note that if you don't have these yoni eggs yet & you want to join the course live - order your yoni egg's ASAP!)


Terms & conditions:


If you have unprocessed sexual trauma that you have not addressed, it is essential to work alongside a psychologist or specialist during this training. 


We will be doing a trauma release practice with the obsidian egg ritual & this is not suitable for someone who has never addressed or talked about their captial T sexual trauma.


In this case, you are self-responsible for your process before & after each session & to seek support in a self-responsible way. 


Whether that means to book an additional private 1:1 with Melissa or to use professional therapy support alongside the course.


Please note that by buying this ticket, you are in full agreement of these terms & conditions and you are agreeing to be fully self-responsible for your mental health during The Yoni Egg Initiation.




Can I do the rituals / practice if I am bleeding? It is not recommend to use the Yoni egg in during your Moon time. But if you are bleeding, you are still welcome to join the live calls! You are welcome to witness the practices and participate without the Yoni Egg!


What if I am pregnant? I do not recommended to do the yoni egg practice if you are pregnant. But you are welcome to purchase the course for after your birth has ended. The yoni egg is perfect for deep healing & also toning your pelvic floor post partum! However, please wait until you have completely stopped bleeding & until all of your tissues or tears are fully mended :)


This is totally new for me! Where can I get a Yoni egg for this course? 


Please do not buy cheap yoni eggs, as they are often processed with chemicals & are often not ethical. You want to be looking for a high quality, GIA Certified & ethically sourced crystal. These are my recommendations:


For the UK:


For the USA & international shipping (this can take longer):


They just sell the Nephrite Jade egg:


Another option for the USA:


For Australia:


(Use code MELISSASANGER to get 15% off!)


For Europe & international shipping:


NOTE: Please check the shipping times to your area - if you are joining this course live - to make sure the egg will arrive on time!


You can contact me directly if none of these deliver to your area!


More FAQ's:


This is a great resource made by one of my teachers Layla Martin with 18 questions & answers you may have about the Yoni egg:™-Sacred-Sexuality_JadeEggFAQs.pdf

The Yoni Egg Initiation

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