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Welcome to this beautiful 3 hour masterclass on the ancient wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle!


This masterclass is sooo rich, you are going to walk away absolutely AMAZED!

Within it, we are going to be diving into: 
▽ The Ancient Herstory of the Menstrual Cycle
▽ Why so many Wombyn have lost touch with this vital aspect of themselves?
▽ What are the 4 magic phases of Menstruation, The Follicular Phase, Ovulation and The Luteal Phase?


▽  The Goddess archetypes which I correlate to each of the 4 phases.

▽ Some simple practices of how to utilize and celebrate the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle in your daily life.
▽ How to honor the bodies major hormonal shifts of the Menstrual cycle.
▽ The Wombs primordial connection to the cycles of the moon.
▽ How to use these potent Sacred Feminine Archetypes to understand, heal & accept all aspects of yourself.
This masterclass is a taster into the flavor of my upcoming ancient feminine mystery school (my NEW online mentorship journey) beginning again April 2022 for 7 months! You can read more details and join the waitlist here:
Melissa xxx

The Sacred Menstrual Cycle Masterclass

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