Every purchase comes with a free heart opening breast, belly and womb massage practice with a sacred insertion ritual video, made by me!


A beautiful rose quartz pleasure wand made by Yoni Pleasure Palace, specifically curved to follow the vagina's natural curve and enhance your pleasure.


Rose quartz is the stone frequency of opening the heart, of love, the sacred feminine and of compassion.


The bulb at one end is wonderful for stimulating the G-spot, using the come hither technique, it re-activates this errogenous zone! This bulb can also be used to apply light pressure to stimualte the cervix into orgasm.


Often at the begginning of our crystal pleasure wand we can experience some numbness or pain, and that's why using rose quartz is a perfect loving, radiant crystal to soothe those areas, as you begin to gently master your own pleasure!


This is a great place too start, as this wand is not too thick either.


  • Dimensions: 17cm x 4cm x 3cm

  • Comes with black satin-lined velvet pouch for safe keeping

  • Option to add on a gorgeous Yoni Pleasure Palace black gift box for safe keeping and protection


Third image accredited to Yoni Pleasure palace.



This includes guidance on how to open your heart with breast massage, to soften your belly and womb through belly massage and then, how to consciously and lovingly guide the egg into your Yoni!


It's time to re-awaken your birth-right sensual pleasure Queen!





The Rose Curve Pleasure Wand

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