Do you have a Yoni Egg but are feel lost or uninspired with how to use it? Is it collecting dust on your bedside table?

I welcome you into a Sacred Ceremony full of Yoni Egg guidance, sensual awakening practices and Womb wisdom.

In this 2 hour Ceremony you will be guided with practices to strength your pelvic floor alongside practices to awaken your sexual and creative energy!

Every being who joins this Sacred circle will receive a breast, belly and womb massage insertion ritual video made by me to use to insert your Yoni Egg prior to the Ceremony!

I promise you will leave this Ceremony informed, energized, glowing, activated and blissful. And most importantly, inspired to use your Yoni Egg as a huge part of your divine feminine self-care practices!

What will we be exploring in the Ceremony?

• Short introduction to the history
of the Taoist Jade Egg practice
• Sacred Sisterhood connection
• Sacred Womb meditation
• Voice activation techniques
• Yoni Egg embodiment practices
• Pelvic floor strengthening practices
• Tools to awaken sexual & creative energy
• Yoni Egg Q&A


I do not recommend putting the Yoni Egg in during your Moon time. But if you are bleeding, you are still welcome to join! You are welcome to witness the practices and participate withou the Yoni Egg!

If you don’t have a Yoni Egg yet but are still curious to learn and be part of this Ceremony you are most welcome to join! I sell GIA certified Yoni Eggs made by Yoni Pleasure Palace within Europe. If you live anywhere else in the world, I can reccomend high quality sources for your purchase!

If you don't have a physical Womb, but would still like to participate, you are most welcome to come and connect to your Hara or Sacral Chakra during the practices.

Please contact me at: for any queries loves!

How To Use Your Yoni Egg 101