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NURTURE is my new 6 week pelvic bowl healing program, now available for you to move through at your own pace.


We explore womb healing rituals, cervix healing, yoni de-armouring, the yoni egg and yoni pleasure practices.


I created this program for all the women who desire support in tending to their feminine body, their pelvic bowl and their sexual aliveness.

These rituals are at the heart of my personal pelvic care practice, and I intentionally weave them into my weekly and monthly life. 


The Journey...

Call 1: Opening ritual + my new pelvic and pleasure anatomy workshop


Call 2: Womb alchemy sacred rage ritual

Call 3: Guided (self) womb & yoni massage journey

Call 4: Cervix healing & awakening ritual

Call 5: Yoni egg pleasure practice



This curriculum is deep journey to rejuvenate your pelvic bowl and sexual wholeness.


Why tending to your pelvic bowl is so important:

It has been scientifically proven that we store memories and emotions in our pelvic bowl and body.  The pelvic bowl is deeply connected to our nervous system and vagus system...

Without regular holisitc care, our pelvic bowl tissues, ligaments and organs become congested and then eventually produce symptoms (as a cry for help).

Over time this can create chronic pelvic pain, cycle imbalances, infertility, cysts, endometriosis, period pain, vagina numbness, an inability to orgasm and beyond...

Holisitc pelvic care is focused on both preventing disease and addressing any current symptoms. 


This is something that western medicine can't and doesn't offer. 

My methodlogy for holistic pelvic care is focused on preventative care ~ looking at the balance of the mind, body and spirit within the context of your life... which I think is so integral for truehealthcare.

Every physical symptom that we have, is a manifestation of an energetic stagnancy or unprocessed emotions or built up stress. 


And with my gentle guidance, and our 4 core practices in NURTURE, we can slowly bring the pelvic bowl back to it's natural and balanced state.


P.s ~ dear woman, you deeply deserve this <3

(NEW) Nurture ~ 6 week program for pelvic bowl healing

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