Nephrite Jade is the traditionally used gemstone for yoni egg practice.

Nephrite Jade holds the power of vitality, abundance, prosperity, inner feminine strength and enlivens your Qi and sexual energy.


The name Nephrite comes from the Greek word ‘nephros’, which means ‘kidney’. In Ancient Chinese Medicine the kidneys are the storehouse of sexual energy and Qi.


In Ancient China, the Queen and her concubines used a jade egg to help strengthen and tone their pelvic floor and keep a healthy reproductive system for the King. By wearing a kegel weight internally for 30 minutes a day, it may help to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor.


Nephrite is the most dense between 60-80g inside your vagina can be a powerful subtle Yoni toning tool. As it's heavier, it also massages the internal Yoni walls much deeper when you are doing your practices, dancing or even sleeping with it!


This is a beautiful practice of bringing loving awareness to your Yoni (the Sanskrit word for female reproductive system meaning Sacred Temple and Source of Life).


☾ Benefits of using a Yoni Egg:

~ The practice builds a reconnection with your Yoni through touch, sight and nurture.

~It brings fresh qi and blood flow to your sacral area and pelvic bowl.
~ It acts as a resistance kegel so it tones and strengths the vagina walls and pelvic floor.

~ Your whole foundation feel stronger, orgasms are more powerful and you can hold your wees longer!

~ Prevents bladder or uterine prolapse.
~ This is a practice 5000 years old from Ancient China, used to create strong, orgasmic, healthy, vibrant, lubricated and toned Yoni’s!
~ Can help with healing and massaging the numbness or tensions of sexual trauma.

~ Cultivates a feeling of wholeness in your Yoni and a nourishing feeling of fillling up of your cup!
~ It re-senstizes the erogenous zones of your Vagina, such as the G-zone and the Cervix... into their orgasmic potential!


Your practice can be 30 mins a day 3 times a week, or you can even have a passive practice and sleep with it in. Your Yoni it will gradually start to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor, whilst also create more lubrication, arousal and sensation.


This crystal egg has been GIA certified through the Yoni Pleasure Palace, and you can view the certificate for confirmation. It is very important to have this as we can confirm the source and the quality of the crystal. Often chemicals are used to polish Yoni Eggs which is harmful to the body, especially putting something inside your beautiful Yoni!




~ Medium size: 43mm x 30mm - weighs 60 grams (suggest for beginners and users)

~ GIA Certification - the GIA Certificate is uploaded.

~ A Yoni Pleasure Palace sacred branded pouch for safe keeping.

~ Shipping within Europe.

~ Detailed instructions in brochure.

~ Free private Yoni Pleasure Palace Facebook group access to share your experience.

~ Option to purchase additional string in the store to help guide the egg out afterwards (used like a tampon string).



This includes guidance on how to open your heart with breast massage, to soften your belly and womb through belly massage and then, how to consciously and lovingly guide the egg into your Yoni!


It's time to re-awaken your birth-right sensual pleasure Queen!

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg ~ GIA Certified

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