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Yoni Penetration Education

Every time any Yoni is penetrated without the erectile tissue being fully aroused, there is usually some kind of micro-trauma happening. It’s a worldwide pandemic. We’re healing generations of dishonoring Yoni consent.

Both the Womb & Vagina are deeply Yin & receptive organs.

Energetically the Womb can be storehouse of holding emotions & trauma, from the tiniest interactions to much bigger turmoils..

Physcially, you can somatize the trauma into the cells, tissues & fascia of the Vaginal canal, Womb or Ovaries which over time creates dis-ease, severe pain or numbness.

There is just about the same amount of erectile tissue in both the male & female anatomy...& yet it’s become “the norm” to have penetrative s-x when only one member has erectile tissue that’s fully aroused.

Sadly porn & commercial movies have taught us that any Yoni is ready to be entered in just a few minutes. That couldn’t be more INCORRECT! It takes up to 40 minutes of kissing, pleasure play, brea$t massage & body touch before the internal Yoni erectile tissue is engorged & ready to be entered.

What’s more, it takes 40 minutes ~ 1 hour for the Cervix ligaments to lift up the Cervix higher in the Vaginal canal to make space for any penetration. Yoni keepers, can you recall the feeling of being entered before you are ready & the pain of your Cervix being penetrated?

When I ask this question almost everyone winces in recollection of that pain. It’s probably happened over 100s of times to me, because I was never aware of any other option, especially not consent! There is consent & then there is deeply knowing your own body & Yoni.

You can say with consent: “yes I am ready!” simply out of programmed compliance. But to really be in touch with your own pleasure & actually know that your Yoni is internally aroused is another takes self-practice.

These are the exact powerful practices I teach with the crystal wands & Yoni Eggs.

The strength of your “no” & the strength of your “yes” starts in the solo practice.

Through deeply listening & asking the Yoni permission before inserting an egg or wand within. Sometimes it’s a no, & then it’s simply a matter of asking your body what it needs. Maybe it’s more breast massage (the breasts & Yoni are connected) or more Vulva massage to arouse the Yoni more.

If it’s still a no, then it’s a NO! & it’s re-wiring the story of generations of ignoring that no & dishonouring consent. It’s sending the message of trust, respect & loving awareness to the Yoni - maybe for the first time in many, many generations ~ & a direct healing gift for 7 future generations to come.

It’s also building a totally new respectful relationship to the each others genitals out of love & mutual pleasure as opposed to being focused on the male ejaculation.

It’s a empowering journey..& one 111% worth embarking on ❤

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