The Online Initiation Journey

15th February ~ 11th April 2021

 with 8 live Wednesday ceremonies 5-8pm GMT

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  • Sat, Jan 16
    Private Facebook Group Live Recording
    ꩜ The Sacred Menstrual Cycle (Free) Workshop ꩜
    Welcome to this beautiful 2 hour (free) live workshop on the ancient wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle!

Re-invoking the cyclical wisdom of the Sacred Feminine

An 8 week online powerful initiation journey for Wombyn beginning again February 2021.


Are you ready to embark on 8 transformative weeks of self-discovery, Menstrual Cycle empowerment, ancestral Womb healing, Goddess ceremony, ancient feminine rituals and embodiment practices?



▽ How to utilize the cyclical 4 seasons of the Menstrual cycle in your daily life.
▽ How to honor the bodies major hormonal shifts of the Menstrual cycle.
▽ The wombs primordial connection to the cycles of the moon.
▽ How to use these potent Sacred Feminine Archetypes to understand, heal & accept all aspects of yourself.
▽ Fertility Awareness Method: tracking your cycle & natural birth control.
▽ Womb healing, voice activation, conscious menstruation practices, embodiment dancing & sacred sexuality practices.

▽ How to re-empower and unblock your sensual, sexual & creative energy.

▽ How to cultivate a Womb-centred business that harnesses your Menstrual phases with your boss ass content creation.






“A woman’s wisdom is in her body, in the rhythm of her breath and cycle of her blood. In the wild beating of her heart’s desires. In the nectar of her deepest pleasure.”  ~  Lisa Citore.

This course is for you if...

~ You are ready to step up into your unique feminine power and soul purpose(s).

~ You are ready to walk empowered in the wisdom of your Menstrual Cycle.

~ You are yearning to learn how to create a Womb-centered business attuned to the phases of your Menstrual Cycle.

~ You are ready to heal archaic, ingrained beliefs about Menstrual blood and re-frame it as a powerful life giving MEDICINE.

~ You are ready to heal your relationship with you Womb and build a deep connection with her

~ You are ready to awaken your intuitive Womb wisdom.

~ You are ready to heal generations of Womb trauma and disconnection and FINALLY break ancestral patterning.

~ You are ready to step up into vocalizing your fears, your desires and your boundaries.

~ You are ready to transform PMDD, PMS, Ovarian cysts,fibroids, endometriosis or Menstrual bleed pain into blissful ease and self-knowing.

~ You are ready to heal you body, but you don’t quite have the tools or anybody else to hold you accountable.

~ You are ready to be the first sexually liberated Wombyn in centuries of maternal generations!!!

~ You are so ready to re-invoke and discover your internal Yoni anatomy and internal orgasms.

~ You desire to know exactly how to eat, exercise and show up in the world depending on each unique day of your cycle.

~ You are ready to actually know when your Moon bleed is arriving instead of it rocking up “inconveniently” or as a "nuisance".

~ You are ready to open yourself to working with your Menstrual blood and Moon time in ancient ritual like Wombyn have been doing for 100,000s of years.


"Before starting this journey, I felt completely disconnected from my feminine energy and my cycle, seeing it as a nuisance, something to ignore, to hide. This course was a journey back into the beauty and truth that lies deep within. It was the initiation into womanhood that I didn’t realize I was missing. It made me so incredibly fucking grateful to be a woman for the first time in my life. And, most incredibly of all, this course has the power to actually make you look forward to your period and cherish this time with the love and devotion it deserves. That wasn’t just the case for me, but for all of the sisters on this journey.

Melissa holds such a beautiful and safe space for you to show up exactly as you are, even with the parts of yourself you usually shy away from in shame. She is so giving of her time and knowledge, sharing so many practices and taking the time to really answer any questions, even outside class. I have never met a teacher that has been so open and giving in my life, and I have met many. I can not recommend this journey enough, whether you are a woman ready to step into her power or whether you don’t even know what being a woman means to you. You won’t regret it."

Mati ~ Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.

I call in all Queens who are fully committed and ready to devote their time, energy and LOVING PRESENCE to the transformational processES of this journey!

I call in ALL QUEENS, healers, entrepreneurs, leaders, visionary's and All Wombyn 111% devoted to their personal evolution and to this powerful path of re-awakening the sacred feminine.


My intention is to cultivate a safe, loving and nurturing container for you to softly surrender into your healing journey.

I want to hold a space where you feel so deeply held and safe to explore your femininity in all it's aspects.

In this course you have the opportunity to walk with me as your loving guide.

I offer this course as a sacred container to help you remember the powerful strength and wisdom that you hold within you.

All of you is welcome in this course:



All of the facets of you are so unbelievably welcome, and I offer this container for you to remember how to love, heal and accept them all.

I open this space for you to lean on me, and be truly seen, held and witnessed as a feminine being.


It’s time to make the shift from feminine body disconnection into feminine body Empowerment.


A Queen who walks aligned, confident and elevated in her cycle. She Celebrates her menstrual cycle,  and her sacred Moon Bleed with reverence and joy.

She, is the only one she has been waiting for.



Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony With Tatiana Dávila, An Introduction to The Menstrual Cycle & Pelvic Floor Anatomy 101.


The Crone, The Hermit & The Wise Woman.

A Sacred Moon Time Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro.


The Maiden &  The Warrioress.

Follicular Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro.


The Mother, The Lover & The Creatrix.

Ovulation Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro.

Fertility Awareness Method & Natural Birth Control With Audrey Jeanne.


The Shamaness, The Witch & The Medicine Woman.

Luteal Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro.


Sex, Money & Manifestation. Embracing the full spectrum of your unique pleasure, Yoni egg & Crystal Pleasure Wand work & a Yoni egg Ceremony.


Cultivating an aligned business which harnesses each of the phases of your cycle.

A group Yoni Steam Ceremony with Raya from Womb Love.


The Closing Ceremony, Integration & The 4 Menstrual Archetypes Ecstatic Dance.


Let me guess..

From a young age, you were led to believe that being a Woman was “less than” and that menstruation was “the curse”?

You always felt that pain when bleeding, nausea so bad you are throwing up, excessive bleeding and intense bloating were all just something to get on with and part of being a wombyn?

You always felt you needed to perform sexually in a way that was "pornographically approved" and were never given the tools to embrace or CELEBRATE your own undulating, feminine pleasure?

You were conditioned to believe that being cyclical and having a menstrual cycle was a bothersome and embarrassing disadvantage?


Sister, whether you join this course or not, i will tell you something now.


every single one of these statements is false!!!

I see you. i feel you.

I've felt that way too...

heck, I even wished my femininity away so hard that my moon completely disappeared for 3 years!!!



But then I woke up. I remembered.

I realized that was not who I wanted to be...not for myself, nor for my loved ones, or my daughters, or my nieces or as the Example for the young wombyn of this earth.

I knew there was so much more than the fractured, toxic perception of femininity i had gathered from life so far.

this was the work i was willing to do for myself and the world.

i made the decision to

become the very change


I prayed for in the future generations.

Okay, let's go a little deeper...

So, what magic will be exploring?

Week 1 ~ Module 1 
Opening Week
Monday 15th February 2021

In this first week we will gather for our 3 hour Opening Ceremony to meet our fellow sisters and begin weaving our web of intentions for the coming 8 weeks.

In this Open Ceremony we will explore the 4 phases of the Menstrual cycle, have a look at how the Womb Mandala works, introduce the Menstrual Archetypes and begin to create a beautiful understanding of the cyclical wisdom of the sacred feminine.

We will also explore the basics of your Yoni and pelvic floor anatomy, everything you weren't taught at school...

In this Opening Ceremony I will also share 13th RITE OF THE MUNAY-KI WOMB PASSAGE, a transmission of Marcela Lobos from the Shipibo Nation in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, freeing your maternal lineage from oppression and pain, and to cultivate new space for creativity in your wombspace.

This week we will also do a Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony with beautiful Ecuadorian Shaman and Medicine Woman Tatiana Dávila.

Week 2 ~ Module 2
Menstruation & Inner-Winter
The Hermit & The Wise Woman
Monday 22nd February 2021

The Goddess who seeks counsel with her inner-guidance and embodies the cycle of death.

A time of true beingness, to rest, nourish, retreat, reflect, release, to seek restorative solace and connect to your intuitive wisdom.


At the beginning of the week you will receive the podcast episode where I will share the major hormonal shifts, how to connect with your menstrual blood in reverence, to honor this season as a profound pause and make this a sacred time of your cycle that you look forward to! Menstruation is a Sacred Rite of Passage for all Womb bearers, which has been stolen from us for thousands of years.

A powerful reclamation for our grandmothers AND our own children.


We will gather for our weekly Ceremony on Wednesday 24th February exploring the Archetypes of The Hermit and The Wise Woman. We will delve into Sacred Menstruation practices and rituals.

Week 3 ~ Module 3
The Follicular Phase
& Inner-Spring
The Maiden & The Warrioress
Monday 1st March 2021

The Goddess of rebirth, growth and personal power.

In this phase we are moving into extroversion, productivity, action, socializing, play, magnetism, strength, independence and flourishing new projects.


At the beginning of the week you will receive the podcast episode on The Maiden and The Warrioress. I will share the hormones present, how to use this time for manifestation and magnetism, how to indulge in the creative expansion of The Maiden and delve into your soul purpose here on Earth.


We will gather for our weekly Ceremony on Wednesday 3rd March exploring the Archetype of The Maiden and The Warrioress. We will delve into the stories around Menarche, some inner child work and activate our healthy inner Warrioress.

Week 4 ~ Module 4
Ovulation & Inner-Summer
The Mother & The Lover
Monday 8th March 2021

The Goddess who knows sensual pleasure & ecstasy as her birth-right.

In this phase we can be sensual, nurturing, artistic, confident, playful and heart centered.


At the beginning of the week you will receive the podcast episode on The Lover and The Mother. I will share the hormones present, sacred sexuality practices, choosing pleasure in all areas of your life, dismantling shame, solo tantra, the Yoni Egg practice, nourishing breast massage and self-mothering practices.


We will gather for our weekly Ceremony on Wednesday 10th March exploring the Archetypes of The Mother and The Lover and what they signify for us each. We will explore a sensual activation awakening ritual, voice activation, and embodiment dance.

This week we have a BONUS guest workshop with Audrey Jeanne about Fertility Awareness Method and natural birth control!

Week 5 ~ Module 5
The Luteal Phase
& Inner-Autumn
The Shamaness & The Witch
Monday 15th March 2021

The Goddess of emotional alchemy and stern boundaries.

In this phase we are moving into a time of inner-fire and alchemy. The wild, receptive and highly reactive woman, who makes space for inner-winter.


At the beginning of the week you will receive the podcast episode on The Shamaness and The Witch. I will share the hormones present, herbal allies to support the Luteal phase, embodiment practices for turbulent emotions and the herstory of the Witch.


This week will give you all the tools you need to re-frame and heal your PMS or PMDD!


We will gather for our weekly Ceremony on Wednesday 17th March exploring the Archetypes of The Shamaness and The Witch. We will journey together through a Sacred rage ritual, tools for self-healing and explore the theme of boundaries through Shamanic techniques.

Week 6 ~ Module 6
Re-defining Feminine Pleasure
Monday 22nd March 2021

In this module podcast episode we will explore all the nuisances of pleasure, from elevating your life by finding pleasure in every sensory act, all the way to the power of activating internal Yoni orgasms.

We will explore restoring our relationship to our bodies, and re-writing the script to see the body as a sacred temple and vessel, full to the brim with pleasure potential!

We will embark on the empowering journey of Yoni egg and crystal pleasure wand work as sexual trauma and re-sensitizing tools. I am a strong advocate of self pleasure as a radical act of self worship and self love. Expect wisdom on re-programming how to fully receive pleasure, breast massage, Womb massage, Yoni de-armouring practices and orgasmic manifestation techniques! We will also delve into the ancient wisdom of the Cervix!

We will gather for a powerful Yoni Egg Ceremony Wednesday 24th March, full of guided practices and ancient Taoist techniques to elevate your orgasms.

Week 7 ~ Module 7
Embodied Cyclical Living & Womb-centred Business
Monday 29th March 2020

This week is a beautiful module to tie everything together and integrate the Menstrual Cycle into your life, your relationships, your creative flow, your business and your work.


This podcast episode will share a potent blueprint of how to align the 4 Menstrual Cycle phases with your business content creation and work flow. Each phases holds a unique energy which we can harness in order to live in the deepest alliance and creative flow with our infradian hormone rhythm (the Menstrual cycle).


Some days are better to rest and review, others are better to record a podcast ~ and that is just the tip of the iceberg!


We will gather for our weekly Zoom for a Yoni Steam Ceremony with Raya from Womb.Love on Wednesday 31st March.

Week 8 ~ Module 8
Closing Week
Monday 5th April 2020

In this final week we will gather for our Closing Ceremony to reflect, share and dance together.

In this Closing Ceremony we will get raw and wild to an ecstatic dance mix through all the 4 phases and their Goddess Archetypes, dropping out of the head, into the womb, allowing the wisdom to truly embody and the sacred dance to speak.

You will receive a beautiful PDF encapsulating The 4 Archetypes of the Menstrual Cycle.

Closing this beautiful chapter with a life long worldwide sisterhood!


You will depart with a radical empowerment in the cyclical ancient wisdom of your Menstrual Cycle, the beauty and magic of your sacred feminine body AND a new bag of tools for self-healing & grounding!


"Just did the meditation for the Luteal phase, feel like I had a big release. Thank you so much. The amount of resources you are sharing in this course is so generous. Every time I think you can’t offer any more, you give us something else!"


~ sonia, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.

IMG_0277 2.JPG

“I don’t track my Menstrual Cycle just to track my fertility. I track my cycle so that I am always 100% fempowered and aligned with my shifting hormones and my bodies daily needs.

I know exactly what to eat, how to exercise and how to show up in the world honouring each unique day of my cycle.”

I asked the Previous graduates:

"Which phase of your cycle have you shifted your relationship to most during this course and why?"


Luteal phase. I used to become triggered and emotionally overwhelmed from the pain and PMS symptoms. I still experience it, however I have more coping skills now to manage through it.


My bleed - while I always slowed down a bit, not I am really honoring my intuitive powers, dropping within, spending more time alone and truly resting. It has helped a ton as well as the transition out ...the manifesting and gentle transitioning to inner spring has really allowed me to feel fully energized later in my cycle.


Menstrual!!!!!! Omg I was so hate filled with this phase and now I see so much POWER, and MAGICK in it!!  I have so much respect and love for my womb and my blood. I can’t wait to free bleed on the Earth.


Menstrual, because I used to see it as a curse and now I look forward to it after better understanding the science and spiritual meaning behind bleeding.


My Luteal phase. Instead of just thinking I'm moody because of PMS, understanding that I'm making space for my inner winter and I need to take it easy and set my boundaries.


Follicular, I never really thought of this period of time between Menstruation and my next ovulation as it’s own phase. It’s been fun observing the phase and seeing my energy levels go up.


Moon Blood is a life creating elixir that is nutrient dense and magically powerful.

Each cycle the body puts all of it’s best nutrients into the endometrial lining to prepare for nourishing a being into life.

So do you really think it would put nasty ‘impure” things in there?


Some powerful facts: 


• X7 more iron than regular blood

• X50 more calcium than regular blood

• High amounts of amino acids

• High amounts of stem cells

• Macro nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (the key ingredients to any natural plant fertiliser)

There is some incredible research and studies happening right now with the unique stem cells found in menstrual blood which are being used as radical regenerative medicine for life threatening diseases.

These stem cells are called Mesenchymal (MSCS) contain an incredible self renewing capacity in a  non-invasive way that is not so present in other stem cells!

What’s not to love people ?!?!

I asked the Previous graduates SOME OF Their BIGGEST Takeaways FROM our ONLINE Journey:


I now know exactly where in my cycle I'm at and how to plan my schedule accordingly, honour my moon time and rest, expressing my emotions and anger in a healthy way


1. Zoom can also be a place to experience ceremony and magic 

2. My body is waiting to reveal its secrets to me, I just have to listen.

3.  I’m supposed to be “inconsistent” with my energy and that’s part of the beauty of being a cyclical being!


It's normal to not be the same every day given my cyclical nature, being a woman is a blessing and a strength, the menstrual phase is a time to be revered.


Honor my inner wisdom and magic; Circling with women (virtual/in person) is deeply supportive, more information is needed about this topic in our world!


I have a new profound and life altering appreciation for my womb and my period. I am now able to celebrate my feminine body in ways I haven’t before, due to disgust/shame (I have a pussy empowerment playlist, as well as a vulva incense holder). I feel so much more liberated and free!! Connecting with the divine feminine and the Goddess


I noticed a few patterns of symptoms in my cycle. I learned to end some of the judgment surrounding my blood. I found a deeper sense of acceptance within myself.




Tatiana Dávila

Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony (With A Collective Ritual Offering to Pacha Mamita)

I am so excited to share that Tatiana Dávila, a dear friend and incredible Ecuadorian Shaman will be hosting a Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony at the end of our opening week!

Tatiana Dávila began with a psychotherapist background, and for the past 26 years she has learnt from many wisdom keepers of several indigenous traditions. With them, she has participated in many ancestral ceremonies with different medicines. Tatiana creates beautiful ceremonial circles to share this ancient ancestral knowledge. Medicinal plants and flower remedies are an integral component in her healing practice. Additionally, Tatiana is an artist, making art and ceramics inspired by nature, the Pacha Mamita and the Sacred Feminine.


Audrey Jeanne

Fertility Awareness Method: Tracking Your Cycle As A Foundational Tool For Womb Sovereignty

Audrey is a wayshower, a bridge-builder, heralding you home to the indigenous wisdom that lives within your very womb. As a healer and hedgewitch, she holds the threads of both ancestral wisdom and the new age, weaving ancient hands on womb healing techniques with quantum energy lightwork. 


She believes that the path to Womb Sovereignty begins with reclaiming the wisdom of menstruation and practice of cycling naturally. Hence, teaching the Fertility Awareness Method remains a foundational element and essential cornerstone to the journey of Womb Awakening that Audrey offers.


Amelia Zadro

Recorded Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal Phase Yoga Classes

Amelia will be sharing her magic as a Yoga teacher and creating 4 unique classes for each of the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle. These will be pre-recorded and available to you forever!

Amelia is an embodiment coach and sustainable fashion model. Amelia teaches people how to reconnect to the innate wisdom of their bodies to access natural healing. She supports people to access this for themselves through mind-body meditation practices, and 1-1 embodiment coaching online.



Womb.Love Sacred Yoni Steaming Ceremony (herbal) Yoni Steam ceremonies are an opportunity to experience the time-honoured ritual of yoni/vaginal/pelvic steaming in an intentional, embodied way as a collective of sisters. When Wombyn take part in a Yoni steam in a held ceremonial space together, a profound communion takes place. They anchor into the lineage of this ancient practice, directly communicate with nature and the feminine web as well as honouring themselves powerfully.


Her 1:1 treatments and group transformational healing journeys blend Kundalini Dance, Womb & Fertility Massage, Yoni Steaming, Womb Yoga & Reiki through a variety of offerings, workshops and retreats

So, what are all the invaluable goodies I receive?

 powerful opening and closing Goddess Ceremonies

▽ A total 8 hours of podcast material on Menstrual Cycle Wisdom ▽

  A Ceremony dedicated to each unique phase of the Menstrual Cycle

  8 WEEKLY Womb healing or archetype exploration guided meditations

  An embodiment playlist for each of the 4 Menstrual Phases ▽

☾  Live Q&A Sessions with me

  Conscious Menstruation practices and rituals ▽

☾   Sacred sexuality and self-pleasure practices

Discovering aligned cyclical living for your  business and content creation

A beautiful Ebook on the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle  

☾  An Ebook of practices and rituals to connect more deeply to each phase of your cyclE

  An Ebook of ancient Moon blood rituals and practices 

  Voice activation practices ▽ 

☾  Rituals to step into your power and discover your soul purpose and  service

  Guided breast massage and Womb massage practices ▽ 

☾  Guided Yoni Egg practices

The 4 Menstrual Archetype ecstatic dance journey with me

 A private facebook group for our intimate journey ▽ 

A personally curated resource list of all my top books, podcasts & resources for fempower-ment

  A life long worldwide sisterhood & a new bag of tools for self-healing 

So, How is This Course Changing Peoples Lives?


"I have to thank you so much for everything you’re doing and teaching. This connection I am feeling and love towards my Goddess and womb is something... incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I got to do the menarche guided meditation today and that experience was so indescribable. My womb feels open in the best way. The meditation brought me to tears. Connecting with my wise woman and my lineage and intuitively going where you’re taking me before you even describe the setting is just... so powerful.

So WOW."

Destany, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.


 I have really enjoyed getting to know all the phases and am so excited to delve into each of them more deeply. For me, the most transformative though has been learning about the Menstrual phase and completely changing my relationship with my bleed - from ignoring it / seeing it as a nuisance to actually looking forward to it and learning to give my body the rest that it needs during this time without guilt. So thank you so much Melissa for sharing all your wisdom, it has been life-changing!"

~ Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.


Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone that identifies as Womxn. My experience throughout and after have changed the way I relate to my femininity. I no longer feel at mercy of my endometriosis. I have a greater sense of understanding, connection and empowerment within myself that I can express more freely and proudly. Melissa creates a beautiful and safe virtual space to explore your body and womb space, as well as connecting to other Womxn who are going through similar experiences."

~ Samantha, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.


Embodying your cyclical journey is wildly liberating. Melissa is such a gentle yet powerful guide through the mystical, magical and mundane, the cycle of death, rebirth, creation, and composting that we all rise and fall through monthly. Embracing this invites a way to design your life and harness your unique power and gifts to step into you. I really love the mysticism, the exploration of the archetypes, the ancient and ancestral wisdom she invites you to explore and the magic she taps into deep within. This course allowed me to re-imagine patterns and plans in my life and step into my power."

~ Kat, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.


“I highly recommend this online course by Melissa! It is amazing, it helped me so much in understanding my body, my cycle and my feelings. My Menstruation is completely pain free now, which is a miracle to me. I even enjoy me sacred Moon time! I understand much better how to manage my energy during every phase of my cycle! Melissa takes you deep into the mysticism of your femininity, your infinite power, the wisdom of your Womb, learning how to deeply honour and respect yourself and listen to your intuition."

~ Anouk, Graduate of Menstrual Cycle Empowerment, Fall 2020.




Monday 15th February


◐ Recorded opening podcast episode

◐ Guided visualization Womb meditation

◐ Wednesday 17th February ~ 3 hour Ceremony

◐ Sunday 21st February Sacred Feminine Opening Ceremony with Tatiana.

▽ WEEK 2 ~ MENSTRUATION ~ The Crone, The Hermit & The Wise Woman

◐ Recorded podcast episode full of Menstrual wisdom

◐ Guided visualization Sacred Moon time meditation

◐ A Sacred Moon Time Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro

◐ Wednesday 24th ~ 3 hour Ceremony

◐ Sacred Moon Time Spotify Playlist

▽ WEEK 3 ~  THE FOLLICULAR PHASE ~ The Maiden &  The Warrioress


◐ Recorded podcast episode full of Follicular wisdom

◐ Guided visualization power animal meditation

◐ Follicular Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro

◐ Wednesday 3rd March Live 3 hour Ceremony

◐ Follicular Spotify Playlist

▽ WEEK 4 ~ OVULATION ~ The Mother, The Lover & The Creatrix

◐ Recorded podcast episode full of Ovulation wisdom

◐ Guided visualization watery Sacred Womb meditation

◐ Ovulation Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro

◐ Wednesday 10th March ~ 3 hour Ceremony

◐ Ovulation Spotify Playlist

◐ BONUS WORKSHOP Sunday 14th March "Fertility Awareness Method: Tracking Your Cycle As A Foundational Tool For Womb Sovereignty" with Audrey Jeanne.

▽ WEEK 5 ~  THE LUTEAL PHASE ~ The Shamaness, The Witch & The Medicine Woman


◐ Recorded podcast episode full of Luteal wisdom

◐ Guided visualization meditation for Womb alchemy and shifting turbulent emotions

◐ Luteal Yoga class recording by Amelia Zadro

◐ Wednesday 17th March ~ 3 hour Ceremony

◐ Luteal Spotify Playlist


◐ Recorded podcast episode full of wisdom on embracing the fullest spectrum of your unique feminine pleasure.

◐ Guided breast massage video

◐ Guided Womb massage video

◐ Wednesday 24th March ~ 3 hour Divine Yoni Egg Ceremony

◐ Sensual Embodiment Spotify Playlist


◐ Recorded podcast episode full of wisdom on cultivating an aligned business which harnesses each of the phases of your cycle.

◐ Wednesday 31st March ~ BONUS WORKSHOP ~ Yoni Steaming Ceremony with Raya.

◐ Guided visualization Womb embodiment meditation


◐ Recorded podcast episode for the journeys closing and integration.

◐ Wednesday 7th April ~ 3 hour Ceremony

◐ Guided visualization Womb cycle meditation

This timetable is subject to fluidity and shifts if my intuition guides me to do so!


 You will walk away as a newly graduated in the powerful wisdom of your Menstrual cycle and it’s 4 distinctive hormone phases.

You will walk away with a new profound perspective on Menstruation, re-framing it from a nuisance, to something that you genuinely look forward to and deeply treasure.

 You will have a rooted awareness of what is present physiologically, biologically, energetically, emotionally and physically in your Yoni, Womb, Pelvic floor and Menstrual Cycle.

You will have an abundance of holistic tools and practices to support and celebrate your feminine body in thriving in its most optimal health.

 You will finally understand how to be in tune with the creative flow of your Menstrual cycle, instead of feeling constant burnout.

 You will walk away knowing and loving yourself much, much more deeply.

 You will know how to embark on the path of fully healing any of the current reproductive issues or hormonal imbalances you may be experiencing (FINALLY!).