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After many tears, I am very sad to postpone this retreat until 2022, due to COV-19.

I am holding a juicy 8 week online deep initiation journey called "Menstrual Cycle Empowerment" for Wombyn twice a year, and have a podcast platform called "Fundamental Feminine Wisdom", so please stay tuned and join my mailing list on my home page!


2nd december ~ 11th December 2022



I invite you onto a deep journey of unfurling and discovering your wildest and yet, most centred self in the Ecuadorian Jungle. 

A journey of reclaiming the creative and intuitive power of your womb space.

We will be gathering as sisters and using ancient arts and the oldest medicines to continue the process of healing our traumas and our ancestral traumas. 

Over the past few years, I have been traveling through Indonesia, India, Central and South America to deeply dive into understanding the healing of the repression of our collective and individual expressions of the Divine Feminine. 

Through the ancient tribes and wisdom keepers of Sacred Cacao Ceremony in Central and South America, I discovered a very profound connection to the spirit of Cacao and her warm, loving, but extremely powerful medicine. 

Journeying with Sacred Cacao, a circle full of sisters and free movement dancing are 3 of my favorite ways to open my heart and connect to my body in this universe. When experiencing all of them through one evening together, we’ll be in a state of true bliss!

It has the potential to be the most awakening and nourishing 9 days of your life...




‪7am Smoothie/tea or coffee


‪8-10am Opening ceremony and offering to Pacha Mama 

Intro to the Mayan Nawal Calender system


‪10-11am Breakfast


‪11am- 1.30pm Kaula Tantra Yoga


‪1.30-2.30pm Lunch


‪4-6.30pm Goddess Womb Ceremony with the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki Womb Passage.


‪7pm Dinner


‪8.30-9.30pm Talking Circle



Each day of the retreat we are embodying and honoring one of these elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, Wood and Metal. This allows us to fully explore our personal potential but also have a collective intention for each day. The attributes and archetypes of the elements have so much medicine to teach and guide us. 


We will also use the guidance of each day using the Chol Q’ij Sacred Mayan Calendar system which I studied through my Mayan Astrology teacher Mark Elmy in Guatemala. This calendar has become a profound guidance in my life and so I will also do a small sharing on one of the days about how you can implement this in your life too.




A sweat lodge  is an indigenous ‘sauna’ used for thousands of years to detoxify and elevate into a higher consciousness. Inside there is a fire pit of red hot stones from different Sacred mountains which are heated in an external fire for hours beforehand. Buckets of water steeped with many types of sacred plants are poured onto the stones which turns into an intense steam . Inside, with the guidance of a shaman or medicine woman you sing beautiful songs with drums and instruments for each round; like a long meditation or kirtan but with beautiful indigenous songs. They say it represents the womb of Mother Earth, because it’s totally pitched black inside and feels almost like an incubation. 




We create and cultivate a deep inner connection as Sacred Women to our inner wisdom, Goddesshood and each other through free movement expression. The archetype dancing allows us to embody and explore many different raw and wild facets of ourselves as women, within a safe and guided container. Using the Goddess archetypes (for example Artemis the Greek Goddess of the wilderness) opens a portal to explore the beautiful complexities of Sacred femininity with other sisters. 



Kaula Tantra Yoga is a practice over 5000 years old, deriving from the ancient Vedas and making it one of the oldest practices in existence (Hatha actually stemmed out of the Tantra Yoga series). The practice dedicates itself to the lower 3 Chakra’s, the 3 we are often disconnected to in Western life, and so it creates a sense of grounding, peace and self-power. Commonly misunderstood as a sexual practice - this is not the case - but instead Kaula Tantra is a deeply restorative asana practice which invites you to begin to consciously FEEL and experience your body in each present moment.

The practice leaves you feeling unbelievably relaxed and blissful, to me it feels like a warm hug from the universe.




We live in a world in which patriarchal systems have been designed to dis-empower us and keep us small, where as womxn we are taught to compete against one another, instead of listening and growing with each other. We are never taught that we have a deep intuition or a second brain in our womb space. I will share with you exactly how to softly connect and listen to this wisdom. 


Pranayama is ancient breathing techniques which balance your energy channels called Nadis, providing a deep sense of peace and clarity.


Ceremonial Cacao (the rawest, medicinal strain and form of the Cocoa Bean and very different to raw cacao powder or chocolate) is a powerful yet gentle plant medicine, used ceremonially for thousands of years by the Indigenous peoples in Central and South America. It’s boundless properties help us to cultivate deeper connection with the cycles and rhythms of our self, others and nature. Ceremonial Cacao helps us to release blocks on many levels by unearthing and releasing the shadows in our subconscious, all in a warm loving heart centered way. 

Theobromine is the active ingredient in Cacao and translates as “Food of the Gods”. Theobromine is a vasodilator and enhances blood flow and oxygenation to the brain, meaning we feel focused without any caffeine whatsoever. It also contains Serotonin and Tryptophan the “happy” molecules, Phenylethylamine the “love” molecule and Tyrosine the "brain focusing" molecule. It is also a very powerful antioxidant, contains potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc & chromium. It has been recognised as one of the highest magnesium content foods, and so whilst our brains are nourished and alert, our bodies are totally relaxed and open! Cacao is a truly multi faceted healer, connector, opener and a gift of Pacha Mama!




Marcela Lobos was the first to receive the 13th Rite in March of 2014 by 4 Native midwives of the Shipibo Nation in the Amazon jungle. She recieved a transmission through deep ceremony and recieved messages from the lineages of women who freed themselves from suffering and the collective womb. 

They said to Marcela:

“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The womb is to create and give birth to life.”

Each women who receives the Rite in a very beautiful but simple ceremony then passes it on which also nourishes their own Rite at the same time. 

You can read more here:

Together we can liberate our womb, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our lineages

and bring healing to the womb of Mother Earth.




A fire ceremony is a powerful Shamanic practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. A fire ceremony can be used to release fears, negative emotions, repressions and anything that you are holding onto that doesn’t serve your Higher Self.  By releasing these unwanted energies and old patterns into the fire to be transmuted and alchemized, together, we are healing at the soul level.



Art therapy requires no art background or knowledge. We are all creators and artists; from the way we form sentences and think to the way we stroke a brush on paper. Creative expression is a portal to our subconscious, our creative brain, and our primal-preverbal selves, where much of the way we understand ourselves and the world lies. Art therapy allows a safe container for us to dive into this portal, externalize information through shapes and colors, a language long forgotten.






​Melissa Sanger a Ceremonialist, facilitator and feminine empowerment artist who works with Kaula Tantra Yoga, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Mayan Nawales Astrology, Womb Healing, Reiki, Goddess Spaces, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation and sound journeys as transformational healing modalities. With these ancient tools, Melissa’s artistic touch allows her to create a beautiful container and safe space to deeply explore our inner worlds. Melissa’s journey unfolded through Tiger Durga’s School of Tantra Yoga and Shamanism in Ecuador,  where she learnt from of a variation of Indigenous healers in Northern Ecuador. Since this training, Melissa has travelled across the globe holding Ceremonies and sharing her heart in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, New York, London and South of England. 


“As the creatrix of this retreat, my intention is to be in full service to your transformation during our time together. My intention is to hold a safe container for your blossoming into true Goddess-hood! I want you to always feel held in every part of the journey. I open my heart with trust that I can provide you with the tools for true self-empowerment and deep self-enquiry. It’s true that in the path of spirituality we can travel very far alone, but much, much further together. I have to say, it’s going to be a wild rollercoaster - for me also! I believe we hold profound teachings in us all, and I look forward to the unique wisdom you each have to share.”



Farida is an art therapist, yoga teacher and cacao enthusiast. While exploring these seemingly different paths, she continues to be fascinated by the spiritual thread that weaves them all together. She is in constant curiosity and awe of what makes us human on a physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual level. Her passion is to open and hold space for conversations as such to be explored while using creative tools to crystalize these experiences. 

“ My intention as a space holder is to share the wisdom that art therapy and yoga have to offer as ever-available tools of self-awareness and exploration.  In personal and professional realms, I have witnessed the magic that occurs when we allow the different parts of ourselves to emerge; conversing with them with compassion, love, and allowing them to re-integrate as a whole.”


The journey will be held in the beautiful Ecuadorian Jungle in Manibi Reserve. 

Wild Child Village is Ayampe’s first Boutique Eco-Retreat Centre grounded in sustainability and community. They are a beautiful conscious collective of artists rooted deeply in traditional and spiritual practices, permaculture, artistic expression, movement, and a commitment to co-create new understandings of self and tribe. 

Wild Child Village is a magical jungle oasis near the coast of Ayampe, Ecuador. Upon entering the space, you immediately feel mother natures pure love and beauty in your heart. The architecture of the eco-space is uniquely based on sacred geometry, each cabin is a dream portal and sacred container for your transformation. Every night you fall asleep with an orchestra of crickets and rise to twittering birds and glittering sunlight between the thick jungle leaves.

A place like no other...

GETTING HERE: Wild Child Village is on the mountain right above the surfer town of Ayampe, Ecuador. 30 minutes north of the festive town of Montanita and 20 minutes south of the fishing town, Puerto Lopez. 


3 hours from Guayaquil Airport

2 hours from Manta Airport

You can reach us by bus or taxi. 



Private Casita’s:


FIRE SUITE ~ one queen bed

£2666 pp ~ £2222 UNTIL 22nd JULY

Double occupancy: £3666 for 2 people ~ £3222 UNTIL 22nd JULY

SPIRIT SUITE ~ one queen bed

£2666 pp ~ £2222 UNTIL 22nd JULY 

Double occupancy: £3666 for 2 people ~ £3222 UNTIL 22nd JULY

EARTH SUITE ~ one double bed 

£2566 pp ~ £2222 UNTIL 22nd JULY

Double occupancy: £3566 for 2 people ~ £3222 UNTIL 22nd JULY

Shared Casita’s (single occupancy per bed):

PALO SANTO SUITE - Two Double Bed’s  ~ £2111 pp

WATER SUITE - Two Double Bed’s  ~ £2111 pp

AIR SUITE - Three Double Bed’s  ~ £1999 pp

TIGER EYE SUITE - Four Double Bed’s  ~ £1777 pp




This space is for a sister who is called to go on this journey but is currently without the abundance to do so. If you are interested in applying, send me an email or whatsapp! We can have a chat and I will send you the application form.



Contact me at or +447872456617 for more details, payment and questions. We can also arrange a Zoom call prior and I can answer any queries that you have.

Much love sisters, Melissa.



“A huge thank you for your magical women’s retreat. The cacao ceremonies you held were so deeply heart opening, I felt so empowered and safe to express myself. The atmosphere that you create throughout the retreat is so supportive. I especially loved your guided meditations that helped me connect with my inner femininity and bring out some parts of myself that needed more attention. I also loved the authenticity that you brought to the cacao ceremony, leaving me so inspired that I now also sing while preparing the sacred cacao.” 

Livia, Goddess Cacao Healing Retreat 2019.

“I am still processing all the woah-type stuff - it’s been a trip to observe myself experience the medicinal qualities of cacao even the day after the ceremony but I will say it blasted me wide open and knocked down some barriers and I’ve connected to myself in a way I haven’t before which was totally divine and unreal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa for creating such a Sacred day for us to take part in. One of my favourite Ecuadorian adventures so far.” 

Lexi, Goddess Cacao Ceremony, 2019


“Yesterday was a magical day. I felt like I got rid of a big weight. I opened myself up to playful and loving cacao medicine. I went through it with so much joy and pleasure that i could see the woman I am becoming, beyond the veil of fear and separation that covers me. I was able to hug this new woman and feel so in her skin, comfortable in her body, with generous curves, fertile, powerful, authentic and ready to shine. I then had the certainty that I have the power and the right to create the life I want, deserving of all the joy and abundance, ready to rekindle my Divine purpose and open myself to let me guide using my vehicles and tools to heal and for others, to give me the world.  - Thank you, beautiful and powerful woman, for so much energy, so much grace, so much love! My heart is fully open and surrendered thanks to you. Thank you Melissa for guiding this trip to the heart!”


Julia, Goddess Cacao Ceremony, 2019

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