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Welcome to the Venusian Temple...

A 7 day, full body, sexual awakening experience. 

Your empowered and sacred journey from numbness to pleasure.

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Envision disconnecting from the outside world and connecting IN with yourself, your body, your pleasure, your senses and 13 other magnificent Womben for 6 nights.

My intention is to create a safe, sacred container for you to discover the roots of your rawest, wildest, most sensual feminine power.

Together we will go on a journey to come home to the POWER and the MAGIC between your thighs.

This is a journey of radical self-exploration, homecoming and vagina liberation.

This is a journey of sisterhood and reclaiming the power of healing collectively, in togetherness.

This is a journey of allowing yourself to be seen, in every flavour of your feminine essence... radiating wholeness, confidence and magnetism.

This is a journey of rememberance, because you are not learning anything new, simply returning home to the innate pleasure of your body...




~ Yoni Egg Rituals

~ Tantric Philosophy & Practice

~ Tao & Tantric Sexual Energy Practices

~ Heart & Womb Healing

~ Healing Sexual Shame & Cultural Conditioning

~ Pleasure & Pelvic Anatomy Workshop

~ Resensitising Yoni Numbness Into Pleasure

~ Breast Massage & Womb Massage Practice


~ Yoni De-armouring & Cervix Healing

~ How To Experience Internal / Full Body Orgasms

~ Ecstatic dance journeys

~ Cacao Ceremony & Blue Lotus Rituals


~ Daily Meditation or Yoga



~ A luxury retreat centre set on a 19 acre estate with quaint courtyards, magical ponds & secret gardens.

~ A private chef creating delicious food and sensual feasts.

~ A Scandinavian wood fired hottub under the full moonlight.


We will delve into ancient Tantric rituals and sacred feminine temple practices as well as ancient Taoist orgasmic teachings, all passed down to me through my teachers and elders.

As my work always marries the scientific and the spiritual, you will receive hours of experiential embodiment practices as well as a detailed lecture on your pelvic floor and pleasure anatomy. This will cover basically everything you DIDN’T learn at school, that every yoni keeper should know about themselves.

Socrates said: “Know thyself."


Melissa's version: “Know Thy Yoniverse!"

I will guide the way to begin activating your sexual energy, kundallini shakti and multi-orgasmic potential.

This is a journey of remembering how to make love to life, in every moment.

Being in a Women’s body and feeling the full spectrum of the available pleasure is MAGIC and a birth-right.

Of course... the whole weekend is going to be like floating on a river of chocolate in blissful cloud 9.



Your empowered & sacred journey from numbness to pleasure.


DAY 1:


DAY 2:


DAY 3:


DAY 4:


DAY 5:


DAY 6:


DAY 7:




The Quaives is a small estate set in the countryside of Wickhambreaux, East Kent, less than 2 hours drive from London. The closest train stations are Canterbury West and Canterbury East. If you a travelling down from London, you can take the train from King’s Cross St Pancras or Stratford, and takes about 51 minutes to arrive at Canterbury West (Canterbury East is slower with more stops).

You have 19 acres to inhabit, this includes a selection of beautifully manicured secret gardens and tree-lined fields with an array of flowers, plants and trees, and a large pond full of fish and frogs with small waterfalls at both ends. There are plenty of relaxation spots, hammocks and sun loungers for you to take advantage of.

Envision secret gardens, green fields, pond, hammocks, sun loungers, fire pit, tennis court and a hot tub… 

Feast your eyes at:




The Venusian Temple is where all our magic will happen. This studio is next level luxury, with sheepskin matts, crimson and golden bolsters, a high ceiling, a heated floor and a beautiful altar. Not to mention, there are also quartz and amethyst crystals that have been laid underneath the flooring to amplify our healing and protection in our journey. There are blackout blinds for our evening rituals and our Yoni egg/wand ceremonies, so we can safely sink into the privacy of our own a little womb cocoon.

In the evenings the studio will transform into a beautiful Venusian Temple, a portal back in time, in which we will do our deepest healing journeys together. Expect Yoni de-armouring, Yoni Puja, A Sensual Awakening Ritual, Massage Rituals and Tantric Rites Of Passage...


Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings.” ~ Margot Anand


Tantra is one of the only spiritual paths that embraces our sexuality as pure Divinity.

It is one of the only paths that unites sex and spirit, instead of separating and condemning them into the mirky shadows of pedophilia, assault or pornography...

Tantra is a path of finding ultimate presence through the human senses.

Whether it’s feeling the presence of God in the textures of musical genius.

Or embracing God by eye gazing into the depths of another soul.

Or experiencing God through the ecstatic waves of a cosmic, full body orgasm.

Tantra doesn’t neglect any part of the human experience, it embraces the beauty of human sexuality for its transformative life force power.

Entering into a full body orgasm with pure intention, meditative breath and embodied awareness is simply a portal to bliss ~ a portal to God!

In that moment nothing else exists but oneness. Nothing but nowness.

That healing power comes from deep within you, it is never lost, and it is just longing to be awakened.

Kundalini Shakti has been asleep in us all, and upon her awakening, we become alive again with creative life force energy.

An inner vibrancy for life; FINALLY!

The paths of Taoism and Tantra are a remembrance that we ARE that very divinity, that we seek outside of ourselves in endless consumerism.

After all, nature is just one big orgasm making love to itself in every moment...

God is not up in the heavens Beloveds.

God exists inside your very own body and in every part of you that has been shamed by a system that fears the empowerment and liberation of self-actualisation.

YOU are the heavens. A perfect blueprint of God in motion. A walking, talking piece of Divine poetry

And life is a banquet of bliss at your fingertips...

Don’t you see?


~ 6 nights accommodation at the Quaives, a luxury country estate

~ A life long sacred sisterhood

~ Delicious gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day

~ Daily morning meditation or Yin Yoga

~ Pelvic floor and Yoni pleasure lecture

~ Embodiment dance and movement

~ Tao and Tantric sexual energy practices

~ Yoni de-armouring rituals

~ Yoni egg and crystal wand initiation

~ Evening Venusian Temple Rituals

~ Wood fire hot tub in the moonlight


~ Your flights & travel

~ Your Yoni Egg and crystal wand 

A Taster Into Our Venusian Temple Itinerary...


Morning Yoga


Ancient Tao Tantra teachings or practice


Talking circle


Yoni Egg Ceremony


Venusian Temple Evening Ritual




All payments are non-refundable.

Scandinavian Dorm:
Single Bed in a Shared Dorm (4 bunkbeds)
£1222 pp

(just one spot left!)

Fuchsia Cottage:
Shared Twin Room (a bunkbed)
£1444 pp
Private Queen bed
£2222 pp



Songbird Private Cottage:

Private cottage with a King bed

£2888 pp


Bumble Bee Cottage:
Private Cottage with a King Bed

£2888 pp



Bathroom for dorm.jpg






CT013 - Bedroom - view 3.jpg
CT013 - Christmas - view 2.jpg
CT013 - Sitting Area.jpg
CT013 - En-suite shower room.jpg

When sipping some ambrosia,

Raise your glass,

Close your eyes,

Toast to the universe.

The Sun & Moon & Earth

Danced together

To bring you this delight.

Receive the nectar on your tongue

As a kiss of the divine.”


~ Lorin Roche,

The Radiance Sutras.

Rose Flower


"Melissa is a very grounded and approachable teacher, with a motherly energy that allows her to hold space with very clear boundaries that encourage opening. This allowed me to feel so safe and held and instantly I knew that I had made the very best decision to join.


In all honesty, I was super apprehensive about going on the Awaken to Pleasure retreat. Being a mother of 4, I felt somewhere inside that I was not deserving, that there were more important things to do, and that my yoni and I were ‘good’ so I needn’t bother… but oh my goddess, I am so grateful to myself for saying yes. Not only did I shift A LOT of wounding and blocks from my womb space, I also discovered the energetic well of abundance that can be found through working with sexual energy. On the physical level, I also fell in love with my body again and for the first time in years, I felt sexy! My mind, heart and yoni were astonished and I left on a significantly higher frequency than when I arrived. I am certain we were all in a different dimension for those 4 days. Thank you thank you thank you dear Melissa. I am so grateful to you for stepping into your calling and birthing this essential and beautiful healing into the world. I can’t wait to work with you more." - Natalie Bullard. 


"What Melissa created here felt like an initiation into a part of myself I had lost or been stripped of. She truly is a womb witch with much wisdom and love to offer. The wisdom and tools she has passed on down to us, I know to be life changing. After the retreat I almost instantly launched my business and portals of creativity have been flowing through me since. The coming together of women, the support, the remembering has all sparked a fire in me that I can tell is going to have a ripple effect and I truly believe is what all womben and the planet need right now. It was so much more than I could have imagined. I bow to you Melissa, truly, thank you." - Anouska Cox


"Where to begin… I attended this retreat because something deep inside of me whispered ever so seductively to book. What I must add is the past year prior to this I was healing a lot of body image issues I have had for years. I arrived with no expectations, present and open as could be. What followed from here truly was beyond my wildest dreams as a woman and within my pleasure. Melissa held the space beautifully and is filled with an abundant amount of wisdom, sharing with us all these magical exercises to meet our sex magick and that is absolutely what I met. Since the retreat I have had such a beautiful integration not only towards myself but within my relationship too. How I now feel about my body… well she is delicious, she is powerful and oh so bloody sexy. I am a body of pleasure and divine… thank you Melissa for handing me the keys to unlock the chains that kept me from embracing myself for who I am and deserve to be." - Megan Westpfel


"This retreat was absolutely life changing. I never knew that spaces like this were possible, that women could become sisters so quickly and that witnessing and being witnessed by them could bring me to new depths of self discovery and could let me experience myself in ways I only previously dreamed of. Melissa held the space like she has been doing it for lifetimes, I felt so safe and so held even as I had the awareness of doing something so massively radical. The effects of this retreat will stay with me for years to come and change the way I raise my future daughters." - Sonia Smolokowska


"Melissa’s spaces always leave me different, and having 4 very full days with her has left me never to be the same again. The breadth and depth of practices paired with the fierce grace with which Melissa led and facilitated this retreat changed my life. Since then, I have reclaimed pleasure into my life, in all of the big and small ways, knowing it is mine to have whenever I want. I feel more alive and deeply connected to my body than ever. These 4 days have supported me in breaking through patterns I have been resisting getting to the root to for years. I now have a variety of tools and practices, paired with expanded awareness, to continue working through these themes that once felt untouchable.


My favourite part of this whole experience is how much it has deepened my relationship with my partner — now that I see and own all parts of me, he can see and love all parts of me too. I feel so grateful to have been able to join this retreat also because I inherited a group of sisters that I deeply admire and respect. We are so supportive of each other and I adore we are still in touch months later. If you’re contemplating wether you should join, then you should join. In summary, this experience was the most radical, healing and fun thing (yes, SO much fun) I’d ever done - I got to know my courage, vulnerability and power all at once and am left transformed as a result. Sign up. You won’t regret it!" -Nina Thistlethwaite


"The Awaken to Pleasure retreat with Melissa was truly life changing. Melissa is a wonderful guide into all thing feminine and diving in with her was a joy. Melissa's wealth of knowledge, ability to be fully present and to hold space made sure that I felt safe and held when journeying into the depth of my feminine, so I could shed what is not needed and reconnect with pleasure of being a woman and being alive. Weeks have passed after it and I can still feel ripples coming into my daily life and the way I relate to myself and the world. I couldn't recommend it highly enough as it surpassed all my expectations. Thank you Melissa, can't wait to journey further with you." - Asta Assis Rosa


Ria Lilley

"I found the Sacred Wombyn retreat a magical and healing experience. Melissa created a beautiful and safe environment, coloured with fresh flowers and the scent of herbs and cacao.


Melissa guided us throughout the day with gentleness, authenticity and humour, creating a space where we participants were able to connect authentically and release.


I highly recommend Melissa’s retreats to any woman looking to explore new parts of themselves in a loving container, and I intend to go to her next!"


Ally Guppy

"Melissa and her retreats are nothing short of an absolute blessing and miracle for the world today. The Sacred Wombyn Retreat was the perfect mix of relaxation, sisterhood, connection, working through the toughest personal s*** in a safe space, and so much fun too!


Not to mention the beautiful food, cacao ceremony, eye gazing, dancing, fire... aaaalll of it.


If you’re on the fence about going, go!"


Livia Dascalciuc

“A huge thank you for your magical women’s retreat. The cacao ceremonies you held were so deeply heart opening, I felt so empowered and safe to express myself.

The atmosphere that you create throughout the retreat is so supportive. I especially loved your guided meditations that helped me connect with my inner femininity and bring out some parts of myself that needed more attention.

I also loved the authenticity that you brought to the cacao ceremony, leaving me so inspired that I now also sing while preparing the sacred cacao.” 


Sonia Stein

"From the moment you step into Melissa's space, you enter a field of heightened divine energy, magic and healing that lets you access parts of yourself long forgotten, longing to be awakened.


You leave never to be

the same again."

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